Selling Crafts Online? Exclusive Discount!

As part of your online marketing strategy, you should scout out the specialized niche directories in your market for both exposure and quality inbound links.

And if you're selling crafts online, you're in luck - because I've scored you an exclusive discount on advertising at the Art of Crafts Directory. 😉

Do people still search for directories? Absolutely. According to keyword research, even. It's also a great place to locate market leaders in your niche, and other bloggers you can work with to increase your reach even more.

You can find other blogs to interact with, affiliates for your products, places to submit guest blog posts or find guest bloggers, etc.

And of course by submitting your own site to the directory you can be found as well! Not only by potential partners, but also by your ideal clients and/or visitors.

If you run a handmade/craft type of business online, you can get a sweet deal on advertising in a Craft Directory. The website is called Art of Crafts and you can get 33% off any listing by using the "LynnTerry33" coupon code after you add the listing and before you submit payment.

Art of Craft is not just another crafts directory. Alison Wood is passionate about the topic and her fellow crafters, and also authors the related Art of Crafts Blog. She promotes the directory heavily, giving you an opportunity to get great exposure in the craft niche.

Art of Crafts is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and informative for it's visitors. Alison has put a lot of work into making it a great resource, both for craft-related business owners - and those looking to purchase handmade crafts and gifts.

There are clearly defined categories, an easy submission process with a WYSIWYG editor, and you can even add links to your social media profiles in addition to your website or blog. You can also add a screenshot of your site, promotional or product images, and even include your physical location (including a Google map) and/or phone number if you have a local craft business.

Definitely check it out, and remember: you can get a very generous 33% discount on *any* listing by using the "LynnTerry33" coupon code after you add the listing and before you submit payment. I love bringing you exclusive discounts!

Even if you're not selling crafts online, you should consider niche directories in your market that are managed by someone as passionate as Alison. As I mentioned above, it's a great source for profitable connections that could really benefit your business. And if you know someone that is in the craft/handmade type business, be sure to pass this along to them. 😉


* This post was sponsored by Art of Crafts. I am not an affiliate for AOC, and do not benefit from advertising sold or use of the coupon code. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much for this post Lynn.

    I really appreciate the good information that you give and it means a lot to me as I keep building my little website. The Arts of Crafts Directory looks so nice and I will be looking into this.

    There is just so much to learn. It's amazing though because for me if I do it in steps and continue building on what I learn it just gets better and a little easier. I absolutely love what I am doing and even though I can be slow at times I keep building a little bit at a time.

    Even though I don't comment a lot on all the posts you write I just want you to know that I am in the background absorbing all your great information. I just want to sincerely thank you for that.

    It truly means a lot.

    Take care
    Vickie D.

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