Google Adsense Alternatives

Earlier this week I asked for recommendations on the best Google Adsense alternatives.

I was asking for a local friend with a fairly new blog that got "booted" from Adsense without detailed explanation.

Here's the discussion on Facebook:

What's the best alternative to Google Adsense?

There were only two alternative ad networks suggested, which were and

I don't have personal experience with either, so I would love to hear more on those or any other ad-serving options you have looked into or tested...

The point is to serve ads on your website in a very simple way that requires hardly any maintenance. The ads served are relevant to your content. You then get paid either per impression or per click-through on the ads displayed.

Obviously there are many other ways to monetize your content, and most people have found ANY of these other methods more profitable than paid-per-click advertising networks. That said, the appeal is that those networks are very low maintenance. But if you invest more time and energy into your monetization, it goes without saying that you'll get a much better return.

My advice is to use a variety of methods & models to monetize your blog or website. I use Google Adsense myself, but only as one of many income sources.

Other more profitable options include:

How do you prefer to monetize your content? And if you have used any Google Adsense alternatives, I would love to hear your personal experience!

Leave a comment below. 😉


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  1. Hi Lynn,

    I never found a direct alternative to Adsense that paid more than a small percentage of what Adsense did. I think you'll struggle to find a viable direct alternative. I agree with the sentiment of using multiple alternative monetisation strategies.


  2. Hello Lynn

    A good Adsense alternative that serves ads very similar to Adsense is Chitika.

    I always recommend our clients try there if they cannot get an Adsense account.


  3. lovepalms says

    Hi Lynn. I use Adsense and Infolinks. Adsense still bring more money. I try to use affiliate links like Amazon but it pays only 5%, not much at all. I would love to switch from Adsense but it sound like this is the easiest to implement so far. Susan

  4. Phil Richards says

    Hi Lynn,

    I've also used Chitika on my blogs instead of Adsense.

    I still favor Adsense though and the payouts appear higher with this, probably due to its greater popularity.

    If the earning values were significant with Adsense and the site itself has not been banned for some infringement I would investigate partnering with a family member or good friend to profit share if they opened an Adsense account in their name.



  5. Hell lynn
    hope you are well
    and thanks for explaining about this.
    Can you please explain what the major conditions for google adsense.
    I was applied for it but they deny my blog.

  6. Hi
    I have been looking at alternatives to Adsense or affiliate program's to go along side Adsense. At the moment though things are still in the work in progress stage so Adsense is still the main source of monetization on my site. Will keep in tune to see what you guys are doing.

    Great post thanks lee

  7. "Affiliate Marketing is the best Google AdSense alternative. I think Affiliate Marketing could be more than Google AdSense. You can surely make more money from Affiliate Marketing than Google AdSense. Chitika is the best, even better than Adsense if you can attract US/Canada traffic. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  8. Google AdSense is the current leader in content-sensitive web-based marketing. And Google's terms and conditions are very strict such that many web publishers cannot use adsense adverts on their sites, so these alternatives are the best alternatives.

  9. Great list you have here on Google adsense alternatives. Though in my own views, most high paying ads networks are even more hard to get approved from than Google adsense. So Adsense still remain the best.

  10. Just requested an invite with I hope they will approve my website. I don’t like other ad networks like infolinks because they are too intrusive for my users. I already tried chitika but it did not work wel.

  11. Nice list you have here on Google adsense alternatives. Though in my own views, most high paying ads networks are even more hard to get approved from than Google adsense. So Adsense still remain the best. I will stick to it. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  12. harish gupta says

    I have tried many adsense alternatives but they dont pay well. Now, I think there is no alternative to adsense.. ..It would be much better if you explain how to get adsense approved.....

  13. I had tried using , but their RPM is low but good customer support. Adsense is the best one . and Chitika also good , I had received payments from them.

  14. Kelly Hubbard says

    Impressive list but I would just need few but the best. Quantity matters more than quality. Can you rather write a post recommend just couple or three alternatives that are best and you worked on.

  15. I'm totally fed up of requesting adsense and finally i decided to use alternate ads like adbrite and Chitika. Right now i am good with Chitika ads. Chitika provides decent ads like google ads. This is really amazing post. you have listed the best alternatives of adsense. Thanks a lot for sharing this post .

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