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Free WebinarsIf you've been around for awhile you may remember that I used to host a Free Internet Marketing Webinar every Tuesday.

It's been awhile since I've done those publicly, but last week I decided to host a Free Webinar just for my mailing list subscribers, and it was tons of fun!

We had great questions on specific Internet Marketing strategies, and non-stop FREE Q&A for a full 90 minutes. *Watch Replay

This Tuesday, April 23rd 2013, I'll be hosting another Free Webinar at Noon Eastern (9am Pacific).

If you want to join us live, make sure you're signed up to the ClickNewz mailing list (use the blue box to the right -> ) so you'll receive the log-in details. πŸ˜‰

I typically only do live webinars for my Private Brainstorming Group, which are called "Brainstorming Hour" and happen twice a week for Elite Members. We do site reviews, usability reviews & community feedback, business planning, and discuss specific marketing strategies for various business models.

For a limited time, I have decided to host Free Webinars publicly as well, specifically for loyal ClickNewz readers. There isn't a set schedule for these free Q&A sessions, but I'll be sure to send out an email to everyone on the ClickNewz mailing list when the next one is coming up. This week it will be on Tuesday at Noon Eastern, so mark your calendar and make sure you're subscribed!

These sessions are very interactive, with live chat and visual access to my desktop and browser as I answer your Internet Marketing questions.

Here is a screenshot from our live webinar last Friday:

Click Here to Watch the Replay

This is not your typical webinar. There is no presentation or product pitch. Just an Open Q&A session where you can get your Online Business questions answered live.

I hope you'll join us on Tuesday, and of course stay tuned via email for dates/times of more upcoming free webinars! πŸ˜€


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  1. Oh wow, I remember Tuesday webinars from way back when. Always a good time and always a good way to get ideas brewing. Tuesdays are usually pretty busy for me these days, but I'll definitely try to pop into a few sessions πŸ™‚

    • It's been awhile - I've missed doing them! They ARE great for generating ideas, even for me. πŸ˜‰ I am not going to keep a consistent "Tuesday/Noon" schedule like before, but rather host them randomly, at different days/times. That will give me more flexibility, and allow more people to attend live. I would love to see you at one soon! *cheers*

  2. Thank you Lynn for this webinar. I just watched the replay and picked up so many tips that I wish I would have thought of before - like your newsletter incentive. I never really thought of how many people I was possibly limiting my newsletter to as my incentive was only good for a few selective readers and not the entire audience of my website. Looking forward to the next Q&A!

  3. This looks great, Lynn! I'm going to try my best to attend your webinar tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. I really enjoyed the webinar. I appreciate your honest and open approach to discussing Internet Marketing.

  5. Lynn,

    Thank you for the time you give to these webinars. This is just my second one and the information is great. Look forward to the next one.


  6. Hey Lynn,

    Awesome webby today, so sorry I missed last week's, so thanks for replay!

    Great questions from the audience...

    What a fun, informative hour - you rock!

    'til the next one,


    • Thank you Martha! My answers are only as good as the questions, though. We have had an awesome group both last week and this week - fun topics! I'm already looking forward to the next one...

  7. I love the way you conduct these sessions with actual answers, and by listening to others, I know I'm not sick, bad, stupid or crazy. I've just created a new website, going to my own name, doing biz for ten years, yet I still don't have content on my site. I do, however, serve my clients in an excellent way; albeit, I don't serve myself as well.

    Thanks, Lynn, for all you share. I always read your emails and click links.

  8. Lynn, I am so totally enthralled with your teaching and you have such a pleasant voice to listen to. I was hoping something would be said about putting links directly into posts. I\'m so glad you mentioned it. I\'ve been attempting to do so for almost a year. I think something is disabled on my computer so I\'m looking into that. Would such elementary items be covered in the mastermind group or is that for \"masterminds\"?

    • Absolutely Marlene - we discuss everything from basic tech to ideas to figuring out which domain name to use. And of course more advanced topics for those already running a successful online business as well. It's a great mix of various levels and models.

      What kind of problem are you having exactly? I assume you're using WordPress? As you can see from my posts (and those on any blog, really) it's common to have links within blog posts. There is a chain-link icon across the top of the composition window. You highlight the text you want to link, then click that and type in (or paste) the link....

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