Make Money On The Internet From Home. The Passive, Newbie-Friendly Way

michael brown and jutin lewisChances are you’re at this site right now to learn how to build your own passive income from home.  I commend you because I was in your shoes about 5 years ago!

Below I am going to break down what you need to do and how you can start working, beside my partner on this (Justin Lewis) and I, from home starting today (Left:Michael, Right: Justin).

Before I start, who am I?  My name is Michael Brown and I started making money online in 2007 and within 12 months, I quit my job.  I did this while working a full time job and raising my son...

In fact, I owe many thanks to Lynn Terry here at ClickNewz for kicking me in the butt early on and getting me motivated. 

I’m also a father and a husband and consider myself a strong family man first and Internet marketer second.

I now train other people to make money online as I do with my friend; Justin Lewis.  Justin started off as a student of mine and really came into his own.

Here is what I know to be undeniably true in the making money online world.

  1. There are a lot of scams
  2. Big gurus try to persuade you by telling you they have millions of dollars and fancy cars, homes, etc.
  3. Many claim it takes absolutely no-work
  4. Many claim there are simply push-button systems and you don’t have to do anything else
  5. It can be frustrating!

I’ll tell you first hand that to make money online it takes…

  1. Work
  2. Motivation
  3. Proper training / mentor(s)
  4. A support group that you can trust
  5. Determination

Anyone that guarantees you will make $xxxxx amount of dollars; steer clear.  Anyone promising push-button riches; steer clear.  Anyone continuously flaunting their income or success; steer clear.  Never bank your potential income on the results of someone else.

Yes, it’s easy to do once you know how but getting there takes times, practice, hands on help and good friends you can ultimately get help from and trust.

Below is what I found to work well and how I train raw beginners and people who have yet to have success making money online.

Note: some of this you may already know, but reinforce your knowledge as repetition will help breed success.

Step 1: Find A Niche

First, you’ll find a niche that you like.  I know many people say “go for the money only.” However, I think you need to find a niche you really like, rather than just a cash cow.  As you gain experience go for the larger cash cows but, in the beginning going for things you love that have less competition is probably a smart idea.

Step 2: Research Your Niche & Audience

Knowing what is going on in your industry can help lead to a great passive online income. It simply involves looking at how competitive other sites are in your industry and what keywords and phrases are relevant to your market.

Many people skip this step simply because they don’t understand it (don’t worry in a moment I’ll show you how you can do this absolutely free with complete video and text training).

Step 3:  Create A Website Using WordPress

Next, you create a website using WordPress.  Why WordPress?  It’s free, stable, looks great and is easy enough for anybody to use.

You’ll simply build your site based around your topic.

Step 4: Add Content To Your Website

Content can be text, images, video, audio, info charts, graphs and even PDFs.  Create compelling content that your visitors will be interested in. 

Creating good content can be based on:

  • Demos or Demonstrations
  • Product Reviews
  • Hot Industry Topics
  • Questions In Your Niche
  • Problems In Your Niche
  • Shortcuts In Your Niche
  • Thing That Are Entertaining In Your Niche

Step 5: Start Driving Traffic

This can be done through the search engines, forums, video and social media sites.  But, traffic is critical.  If you’re creating good content and sharing it often, the traffic will come!

Step 6:  Monetize For Income (Add Money)

Often times we are eager to make money so much we focus too much on how to monetize our niche than the previous steps  However, what we do is teach you to do the other steps first and worry about money last.

Here’s why….

You’ll be more inclined to help your audience which will help you dramatically increase your sales and income.  Most people miss this because they simply only worry about their own pockets.  Help those in your market and it will help you succeed in making more money online.

Think of companies like Facebook, they didn’t monetize until late in the game and are now the top social network, period.

These are the things you need to do to make money on the Internet. 

But, it’s not the end!

Over the last few years I’ve been teaching people how to make money using these tactics. However, about 8 months ago I decided I wanted to make something truly amazing to help people interested in building their very own business that they can make money online with.

Justin Lewis shared this vision with me and has a knack for modernizing the training and keeping it relevant. Plus, he is a pure master at social media and that is something we wanted to make sure we taught in great detail inside the course. So Justin Lewis and I got together and started laying out the ground work for what we call Niche Optimizer.

Inside of Niche Optimizer we remove the frustration that usually comes with making money on the Internet.  Not only do we provide hands-on help every step of the way, we make it step-by-step newbie friendly….

Here is exactly what we created & teach on the inside:

  • Lesson 0:  Understanding The Basics
  • Lesson 1:  Finding Your Niche
  • Lesson 2:  Finding Your Audience
  • Lesson 3:  Creating Your Domain & World
  • Lesson 4:  Building Your Niche Website (with 20 easy WordPress tutorials)
  • Lesson 5:  Creating Awesome Content
  • Lesson 6:  Building & Growing Your Traffic (tons of sub-lessons here)
  • Lesson 7:  Making Money
  • Lesson 8:  Advancing

Each lesson has several sub–lessons that are organized in a step-by-step manner complete with easy to follow videos and text with image walk-throughs as well.

So if you love video and hate text, no problem!  Hate video and love text and screen shots?  We have that too.  Easy.

But, here is where the course gets really good.

After you understand the first segment of the course you can go on to our in-depth Facebook Fanpage course.

Inside this part of the course you’ll find 7 additional lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Facebook Basics
  • Lesson 2: Naming Your Fanpage
  • Lesson 3: Creating Your Page
  • Lesson 4: Facebook Sharing
  • Lesson 5: Growing Your Fanbase
  • Lesson 6: Using Paid Ads Effectively
  • Lesson 7: Automating

Using our easy-to-follow lessons on making money on the Internet with Facebook, you’ll be master social media in no time.

After you finish this segment up you can continue onto creating an email list.  An email list not only provides traffic on a regular basis to your site, but also sales.

Email List Profits

Lesson 1:  Setting Up Your First Email List/Form

Lesson 2:  Automating Your Emails

More lessons added soon to this area.

As we continue to grow the course we’ll be adding new lessons and new training to every segment. Which you’ll get immediate access to when available.

This course also includes what I believe sets us apart from anything else on the Internet:

Weekly live events.  These are sometimes Q and A and other times just straight training.  These events are great to meet us and get hands on feedback from real industry experts.

Weekly Podcasts:  Justin and I shoot these live and then share them with you.  These are typically created based on things our members ask us or are looking for.

You can see an example here:

These events are a great way to increase your knowledge will help you make more money online.

24/7 Support:  One of the things that online training tends to suffer from is lack of support.  Our community is extremely active.  Our members are on day and night and Justin and I are on several hours each day.

We will answer every single question that is submitted and our premium students and support team will as well.

We give you a NO-STUCK guarantee as our member.

A community is important while you’re learning to build your own online business.

We have several hundred more videos and training segments that will be coming over the next few years.  The training we provide will never become stale or out-of-date.

So rest easy, that everything we teach is always up-to-date and very useful to decreasing your learning time, increasing your success and keeping this course constantly relevant when other courses seem to fall out of date.

We also created an area where you can take the first 4 modules free and even ask us questions!  Get started by going to Niche Optimizer and click on the green button at the top labeled "Create Your Account".

We keep the atmosphere light and fun.  We want you to build a serious business online, but we also want you to enjoy yourself!

I want to thank Lynn Terry for the opportunity to share this with you today and if you have questions, please ask below.

By the way, since this is free to join, we ask that you just give us a chance to help you.  We know that even if you have prior training you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our premium training, attention to detail and understanding of exactly what you need to succeed.

Justin and I can’t wait to see you on the inside with us, but no matter what you choose to do; please keep working on your online business!  The Internet is an awesome place and we share your passion.

To your success,

Michael Brown


* This post was written by Michael Brown and sponsored by NicheOptimizer.

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  1. Justin Lewis says

    Hey everyone, Justin here. Thanks Michael for the awesome share and thank you Lynn for allowing us to be on ClickNewz, we seriously appreciate it and I feel a lot of people will find some serious benefits from what we have to offer as business builders.

    If you have ANY questions about how our system works, how you can benefit from this, or just want to share your thoughts on this post I'll be in the comments checking back as often as I can alongside Michael.

  2. Mark Fedorchuk says

    I've been a student at Niche Optimizer for about 3 months now. I will vouch for everything in the above article.
    The training course that Micheal and Justin have put together is easy to follow and the 5 minute challenges at the end of each lesson will keep you motivated to continue on.
    It amazes me how much they care about their student's success, and the lenghts they'll go to to help you achieve it.
    All you have to do is follow the course and work at it. I use the term "work" lightly, because the way this course is set up, the community they have built, and the support that is provided, make it more "fun" than work.
    Thank you guys!!

    • Justin Lewis says

      Wow, thanks a lot Mark for the praise, I love the fact that you say that it's more "fun" than work, I would have to agree. Working from home is definitely different than anything that I've ever done and I will do everything I can to help you and anyone else that is apart of our community become successful, it's the least I can do for all the support I get as a coach, teacher, and person.

  3. Elizabeth Fee says

    Definitely listen to these guys. They are amazing mentors and genuinely want to help anyone out there who is willing to put forth the effort learn how to make money online. I used to work closely with Justin and have nothing but respect for his work and desire to teach. Both Justin and Michael want to see you succeed!

    • Justin Lewis says

      Hey Elizabeth! If anything I want to say thank you to you. You really grew a lot since we first met and I'm so proud of everything you've been able to achieve. I'll always be here by your side to help you through whatever obstacles come your way, as I definitely know you'll do the same, because you have. You've shown me that a stay@home mom is a ton of hard work, but even through that you were able to manage your time to grow online. You're one of the most inspirational mothers I've ever been able to know, #.

  4. Scott Kelley says

    The Niche Optimizer website is currently my number 1 source for finding out useful online marketing information and for website building help. Most of everything I have a question about I am able to find an answer to by either reading the website or asking Justin directly. It's really a benefit of becoming a premium member because it allows me to get as much information from the website I can, and get access to live events as they happen and ask questions live on the spot. I definitely recommend this website to someone wanting to get into building websites, generating traffic, getting constant/updated tips and tricks, and having a community of other people to interact with and share your journey with.

    • Justin Lewis says

      Hey Scott, I just checked out your latest site and wow, keep it up man! It's looking nice and you only just started. I might be a bit biased though, seeing a motorcycle on a website just gets me all excited inside, ha. Look forward to seeing where the site goes and thanks for the comments, you know we're here to help you man.

  5. Philbert Abrahams says

    They are the real deal they will show you how to make money online without all the B.S. and give a lot of info away for free. But you have to do some work well it is your business after all So what are you waiting for.

    • Justin Lewis says

      Yep, it's going to take work. But the beauty of working online rather than in the physical world, is that you can start your business with FAR LESS money. I mean, I know of small businesses that ended up spending more than $100,000.00 just to get their business started and then a few years later give up because they didn't make enough on their return. Online it's a whole new story. You could live inside of a basement in your moms house, barely getting by on food stamps, in massive debt, etc. and still make more money than you'd be spending in an extremely less amount of time. It just blows me away that I was able to do that and in knowing I could.. anyone can. I was nearly a high school dropout, deemed as the least likely to succeed, and bashed constantly about how much of an idiot I was.. and yet I've come into this and built websites around motorcycles, gaming, real estate, etc. all of my interests really and I make more than most college graduates that I know.. That just blows my mind. But it does take work. Just a lot less really, so long as you have proper training and guidance.

  6. Kathy Bampfield says

    Hi Guys,

    I've followed Michael Brown for years (2008), the natural progression was to follow Justin Lewis. Combined these two have put together an in depth course of study for internet businesses with REAL support, meaning you actually get to know the people you are talking too and learning from.

    There is always someone in the forum willing to answer questions or even listen to your ideas, that is part of the learning process.

    Plus have you every heard of a NO STUCK guarantee? Only at NOW University!

    • Justin Lewis says

      And that NO STUCK guarantee is the real deal πŸ™‚ We work our hardest to answer any and all questions whenever they arise, and when we notice something is asked multiple times, we put it right into the training itself. It's an ever-growing course and I really love that you're apart of it Kathy!

  7. I love Niche Optimizer. I have been using it for about two months now, and it delivers everything it promises. Thank you Justin Lewis for all the help you have personally given me. I love the forum, and most especially the Live Question & Answers.

    • Justin Lewis says

      You know I'm here to help ya Rachel πŸ™‚ The live video events and Q&a's are going to keep going strong too, we have our next one on Tuesday. I'll have a new feature soon to announce upcoming events more loudly.

  8. I am so glad to have found Justin Lewis and the great community he has formed online. To me it is hard to form and understand the power of things online since I am used to using real world interactions to make money. I want to be successful, but also want to help. I care more about helping than making money and hate asking for money. Justin and NicheOptimizer make it welcoming and easy and have helped tremendously with our businesses online success. Justin is truly an artist in his craft and a professional at what he does. I am still a newbie in terms of learning how to make money online but am excited to see where I end up in the near future with the help of NicheOptimizer and more importantly the support of Justin!

    • Justin Lewis says

      I've seen what you're capable of Mark and let me tell you this, you've got a gift. You might not see it in full picture, but it's there. The ability to "want to help" is really what separates the good guys and the bad guys. Many "marketers" immediately just want money and that's it.

      I feel you're going to go really far and I'm here to help you grow as much as I possibly can.

  9. I first started following Michael Brown a couple of years ago and I remember Justin as an active player in Michael's Niche Blitzkrieg forums. So it did not take much internal persuasion for me to join NOW University this year and I'm really glad I did. For me, the last couple of months has been a real master class in genuine ethical traffic generation and the support given to me from both Michael, Justin and the other members of the Niche Optimizer community has proved invaluable. I really feel like a member of a great team! I think if you have any doubt about the validity of Justin and Michael's program, then listen to one of the podcasts and your doubts will be dispelled.

    • Justin Lewis says

      Brent it's awesome having you on the inside and to see you say "a member of a great team" is exactly how we wanted you to feel, in fact I view you guys more as family πŸ˜› You've got a lot of great ideas to bring to the table and when you need us, we are there to help push you and critique anything you might need help with πŸ™‚ Keep at it and thanks so much for being apart of our awesome family!

      • I did forget to mention that I am from New Zealand. This course applies no matter where you are located in the world. You are only limited by the quality of your internet connection, your drive and your imagination

  10. Dawn Reklai says

    Hey everyone! I have been a premium student of Niche Optimizer for about 6 months. I have now made my first revenue from my site. I should be getting a check (or direct deposit) in the next coming days. YES, it is work! There are no magic buttons as they say. But if you really work at it, you will succeed! Don't come on board thinking if I don't make money in x amount of time, I will quit. Every person's niche is different, like Michael said he was able to quit in one years time. I on the other hand took 6 months before I started seeing any money come my way. Just keep working at it, you will get it! This is all about trial and error. Once you find what works within the niche you choose, GO WITH IT! Sometimes that means switching Niches or having multiple niches!

    Thanks Justin and Michael for all the help along the way! I give Niche Optimizer 2 thumbs up and then some!!!

    Really everyone check it out! If you don't, you will think to yourself a year later "What if?"

  11. I have been a student of Michael and Justins for over two years and have learned an incredible amount about starting an Internet business. When I started on this journey, I didn't even know how to copy and paste! I very quickly learned more than I ever dreamed possible. For anyone trying to get into the Internet business market, these guys are the real deal and know their stuff! But the most important thing is that they are not scammers. You can trust that you are getting real value for your money and unbelievable support from both of them and the forum. It's a great site!

  12. Hi,

    Despite spending the last 3 months in a cave while getting my freelance contractor business up and running, I have been a member of NBK for the last 16 months. This is where I met Michael (NBK) and Justin (Niche Optimiser) and these guys taught me A LOT. I credit them for giving me the confidence to try something new, providing a platform for me to pick brains (shout out to Max Minzer) and ask the stupid questions until I got it.

    Just a great bunch of motivated people, with the knowledge to back it up.

    You guys rock!


  13. Michael Brown says

    Wow, thanks guys! We have the best group of people in our forums and the above is proof. What a great bunch of people to hang around with daily! πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the great post, this is information that anyone wanting to start making money online should take on board.

    I'm glad you mentioned the point about helping people rather than thinking about your own pocket. This is absolutely essential in building relationships, establishing yourself, getting people to know, like and trust you and, ultimately, for building your business. If you focus on other people first and think about how you can benefit them and always give them value, then the other things such as traffic, list-building, and making money will all start to happen. Of course, we can help these things along by implement certain strategies, but ultimately we should always focus on our visitors, subscribers, customers, etc first and foremost.

    Finally, for anyone reading, I'd just like to give my testimonial about Justin Lewis. Justin is one of the good guys. He's honest, helpful, sincere and generous. I vouch for him 100%.

    Glenn πŸ™‚

    • Justin Lewis says

      Glenn you are a rockstar man, thank you so much for the shout out πŸ™‚ I'll say right now I do follow your blog on occassion and you're doing an excellent job! Stay consistent with what you're doing and never give up πŸ˜€

  15. Steve Thomas says

    This post here and the quality of information you can take from it is a testament to how good the information really is inside of niche optimizer. I have regularly spoken with Justin about anything and everything possible to do with running an online business and he is incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, honest and gives sound actionable advice. Not only that, whenever I have a Skype with call with Justin it makes me even more pumped about my own business and get work done super fast. He instills a confidence in everyone that they are good enough to achieve success online provide they stick to the materials in the training area and work hard as well as staying away from the scammy products floating around the internet. I for one value my subscription because I take tremendous value from what is there and the new stuff that gets added all the time.

    On a final note, If anyone is reading this comment, I HIGHLY recommend that they get involved with this community at niche optimzer and give themselves a real chance at making an online business successful. I'll be a member for years to come! Keep up the good work guys!

  16. John Mann says

    I have known Michael since he was "still green" and working with Lynne way back when. I have seen him develop as an Affiliate Marketer and teacher who really knows his stuff. I also worked with him for awhile as he developed his first couple of products/courses and so I saw his day-to-day interaction with clients and students. Believe me, Michael is a teacher who works well with his students and his methods work. You won't go wrong with Michael's products or courses.

    John Mann

  17. Great post! I couldn't agree more about watching out for Gurus and their crazy claims to fame. I fell for that in the beginning. This really does take lot's of work and even years to make full time.

    • Justin Lewis says

      Exactly πŸ˜€ And if it didn't, everyone would be doing it. It can sometimes sound cruel but it's really all about weeding out the week, those that won't do anything, and finding the REAL dedicated entrepreneurs that will do whatever it takes to become successful and turn this into a real business. We see too many plop into this and expect to make riches in 1 week or even 3 months.. where does that happen outside of the internet? No where.. so why expect to achieve amazing success with no work? It dumbfounds me sometimes but hey.. if they want to go after every "next big thing" and not try.. that's their own loss. I just hope people that get sucked into the "guru scam" type dealios find a way out.

  18. Graham Blackmore says

    This article is filled with simple information that is great for jump starting anyones progress in building a blog. You're absolutely right when you say just take-action, I know how much time I've wasted procrastinating about things and just getting nothing done as a result.

    Another good point, putting the customers before your pocket. If you provide quality and customer satisfaction the money will flow, not the other way around. Internet marketing is hard work and you're right there is no quick button fix like you see promoted on some forums.

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