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PostJointRight now the world of online marketing is going through a major transition. More and more companies are focusing their efforts on content marketing to get exposure on blogs while also building incoming links to their site in the process.

As businesses realise the convergence between SEO, social media and content marketing - bloggers are waiting to monetize their web sites, increase the value of their content and provide a fresh voice on their site.

PostJoint is a new service for bloggers to get original and quality content for their sites, while also making money in the process. Bloggers can get paid to publish posts from our advertising partners at a rate of $25 to $500 per post.

Right now the system is in Beta and is free for everyone to use. We recently announced that our bloggers have already earned over $100,000 in just a short amount of time!

Now let’s give you some visuals to better understand how the site works.

Blogger Dashboard

The first thing we are going to look at is the blogger dashboard when you first login. You will also see the “Offers You’ve Made” and “Opportunities” section. These are the two important areas. Now let’s click over to see what opportunities might be available.

Post Opportunities

When you create your blogger account you will need to list your site and choose some categories. The more you pick the better, as this will determine what offers you see. Once you find an offer you like, you can click on it and place your offer. Each offer already has a maximum price next it, which will be “free”, “paid” ($25-$500) and “all considered” which means you can make any offer.

PostJoint Blogger Opps

Make an Offer

Below you will see the screenshot of the area where you can fill out your offer information. You also have the option to include a tweet, which is a big benefit for the advertiser. You can also state your requested fee and add a note to the advertiser. Each opportunity will get 5 offers before the advertiser makes their decision on who to award to post to.

PostJoint Make an Offer

The Offers Area

Lastly, after your content has been awarded to you and posted to your site you can see a recap of everything in your offers area. This is where you can grab the full article to post on your site, check payment stats and provide feedback to the advertiser.

What About Advertisers

If you are interested in seeing how the advertiser side works, you can also sign up for that using a separate email address.

Our advertisers use PostJoint to drive more web traffic by publishing valuable content on targeted, relevant blogs. They can efficiently build their online profile and inform customers, opening the door to future purchases across our range of thousands of quality screened blogs. Guest posting has always been a time consuming, difficult to sclae and labarious process - but not anymore. PostJoint takes the hard work out of the process and delivers rapid results for all parties.

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* This post was written & sponsored by PostJoint

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  1. Movies & Celebrities says

    I've this entertainment site, so can i join postjoint program for this WP site.

  2. I have signed up for PostJoint and today posted my first post from there. Right now the topics are business heavy but I hope more in the family category start writing there. Also, for my particular blog there are no paid offerings. Either way it's a great place to get some quality content that I don't have to write myself. Perfect for when the entire household decides they must get sick.

  3. I heard this PostJoint.com from a friend but I was doing something else and forgot to try it out. So I lost the opportunities to earn from my blog. But I just registered now and hopefully, they don't have requirements such as organic traffic or authority of the website/blog. Keep sharing good information Lyn!

  4. Hi Lynn, PostJoint sounds really interesting. I think the procedure it follows, the way you described it, is really effective for advertising. It is a good chance to earn from your blog, will give it a try, thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm going to try this out today! Thanks for the great tip Lynn

  6. They said $25 to $500 per post but in screenshot offer accept for $10.

    A friend of mine tried it and told me he saw many people stating $5 only.

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