Stand Out In Your Niche With A Digital Magazine

Guest Post by Mike Norris

I think you will agree something all us us need is more customers. Digital Magazine Publishing sounds like it is something for the big boys, like Vogue and ESPN Magazine.

That would not be true. Tiny magazines in all types niches are moving from print to digital magazines. The costs are cheaper and customer acquisition is much cheaper. And customer growth can be rapid.

Tablet and smart phone users crave content. We all know that. Why not give your customers what they want on multiple platforms...

Digital magazine publishing is perfect for speakers, authors, consultants who want to dominate their niche. Imagine being the first in your niche to offer a digital magazine.

Truth be told people are getting tired of all the webinars. I know I get emails everyday from marketers trying to get me to watch their webinar.

Now you can offer a digital magazine with beautiful pictures, audio, video and links to your landing pages, salespages or wherever you want to send your readers.

It can be a great alternative to webinars.

You Can Stand Out From The Crowd With A Digital Magazine

This is one of the hottest opportunities for marketers online in quite awhile.

Don't take my word for it...

According to Garner Research Technology there are currently over 200 million devices available for use (iPads,Mobile phones,etc). And the number is growing.

By 2016 there are expected to be 665 million devices available for use.

Those users will spend an average of $600 per year on apps for their devices. That's $339 BILLION. You might as well get a little cut of that.

Hopefully that got the wheels turning a little bit. 😉

Digital Magazine Publishing Is Surprisingly Easy!

Through some joint venture partnerships we have made this very easy for you. You can be hands on or mostly hands off. The option is up to you.

Most of you have tons of existing content hidden on your computer or on your website. Why not use it as content for you magazine? Most of us have enough to fill a year's worth of magazines easily. You may need to spruce some of it up bit.

No programming skills are needed. So if you are non-technical like me you will be fine. Your magazine distribution can be free or paid. It's up to you. You may monetize your mag through ads, links,etc.

Email me at for more information.

Choose The Solution That Best Fits Your Needs

We have currently have five packages available.

The first 3 are packages are how to publish your digital magazine.

1. Silver Package- Step by step training done at your pace.

2. Gold Package- Hands-on one on one training to help you do it yourself.

3. Platinum Package- You get all the benefits, but do none of the work.

The 4th and 5th package are where it gets exciting.

. VIP Traffic Package- We set up traffic campaigns for you and you manage it yourself. We create Mobile Image Ads and Text Ads for you that you use on the devices you choose.

. Ultimate Traffic Package- We create traffic campaigns and manage them for you. We create Mobile Image Ads and Text Ads for you to use. We will manage, optimize, refine and scale your advertising to generate the most subscribers for you magazine.

We recently had Animal Sanctuary Magazine get 10,000 new subscribers in their first 2 weeks. This is the ultimate niche magazine with pictures and stories about lions, tigers and other wild animals.

You can get more information on the digital publishing options available to you by emailing me directly at

About the author: Mike Norris is an internet entrepreneur and JV Broker that brings online business owners together for mutual benefit. For more information on how to grow your business through Joint Ventures visit Mike's JV Website.


* This post was written & sponsored by Mike Norris

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  1. Very interesting idea as they say there's power in numbers.

    I would agree that there is an opportunity for digital magazines as all the physical magazines are starting to move online.

    What format is used? I would assume PDF or is it something different?

  2. Mike Norris says

    Hey Darnell,

    Yes pdf is used. An app is created for your magazine. You sign in. Copy and upload your pdf, add in any interactive elements and push a button. Pretty simple.


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