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QadabraLet’s be honest, we all want to make as much money as possible with our online businesses.

Advertising is one of the most common and profitable way to make an additional or even your entire income through your website/blog.

The main issue is finding the right partner, one that can bring the best results without requiring daily maintenance or optimization.

Most of us turn directly to Google AdSense, but is this the right solution for everyone?

A friend of mine got booted out of AdSense, without any detailed explanation. And then, the search for the best Google Adsense alternative started. I asked your thoughts on the best Adsense alternative in a recent post. One of the recommendations led me to a new and promising player in this space – Qadabra...

Qadabra is a 100% self-serve ad platform, enabling websites & blogs in every geographic location to monetize their traffic with display ads.

Qadabra takes simplicity to the extreme: 15 second signup, quick ad tag creation, and simple copy/paste implementation. Once the tags are live the banners are shown immediately and the results start from day one.

The reporting is easy to understand and use.

The main difference with Qadabra is the smart optimization algorithm which they developed, which secures optimization on performance rather than content, so the eCPMs are very competitive.

Qadabra is working with all the main platforms and advertisers in the industry, world wide. There is no country they don’t have an ad fill in, this is great as you don’t waste any impressions and the rates so far seem to be proving themselves.

I suggest you try it out. Each site is different so test for yourself!

A quick rundown of the important facts:

* No minimum impression volume
* $1 minimum pay out
* Smart built in optimization algorithm
* Banners go live the second after creation
* User-friendly interface
* Supports all geographic locations
* Rich media creative
* Live & advanced reporting system
* Varied payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer prepaid MasterCard and wire transfer
* Dedicated & experienced support team

Sign up today at Qadabra.com

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


* This post was co-written by Nitzan Lugassy, Marketing Manager of Qadabra, and includes my referral link to track compensation for new sign-ups.

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  1. hi lynn,
    thanks for sharing the alternative. i believe that it is much better to find alternatives for google and maybe amazon.
    some months ago, amazon simply closed my account without any email notification because they "thought" i had framed their website. despite the fact that i didn't even now what it was i couldn't gain it back - although when they showed me the page which had "framed the website" that it was just a buck in the ninja affiliate program. oh well, nothing i could say which got it back and they also trashed about $200 in commission.
    do you know any alternative for amazon as well?
    thank you!

  2. Kirk Ward says


    I could not find anything specific about revenue per click, or revenue per action. The only thing I found was in their agreement that said a publisher would get 70% of revenue. (I presume this is revenue generated by the publisher site.)

    I could not find any disclosure of how the revenue is generated, what the charges to the advertiser are. Do you know where that is published?

  3. Nitzan Lugassy says

    Great question Kirk!

    The advantage of Qadabra is the advertiser reach it has, we are connected to all the exchanges and have a lot of direct deals with great performance rates. Meaning that Qadabra works with a wide variety of advertisers, which pay on different payment models (CPA, CPC and CPM). This gives our users an advantage since a greater amount of advertisers will compete on the traffic, and since it's performance based the best offer is always chosen to appear on your website. Qadabra's algorithm is optimizing the results by making sure the best paying advertiser wins the impression.

    This is why the revenue share allows Qadabra's publishers to earn the most they can out of their traffic, a fix CPM or CPC rate would take a lot of advertisers out of the rotation and will not allow you to benefit from growing rates.

  4. Thanks Lynn.

    Since Adsense has kinda sucked lately I will give this a try.

  5. Patricia says

    Yes, I'm one who was kicked out of AdSense forevermore, before I'd even made any money (or knew that I had). I think what happened is that I made an enemy -- a fan of a fellow blogger I dared to criticize -- who clicked on my ads "for me," if ya know what I mean. No recourse. My appeal was denied, if it was even considered.

    In any case, I agree with Kirk -- I'd like to see a lot more details before signing up. Probably being bitten by Google adds to my caution.

    On the plus side, they've got some good-looking articles listed on some of their pages. But you have to squint your eyes to find those pages, which are listed in the menus at the very bottom of the page, in very light gray.

  6. Pranjal Borah says

    Sorry to inform you that Qadabra formely Adsgadget is NOT a good choice as an Adsense alternative. Its CPM rate is very much low. Also, there is an heavy amount of PayPal fee when you get your revenue. I personally experience it. Thanks. No Offense.

  7. This is awesome Lynn, I cant wait to test it out. Been looking for a different way to make ad revenue.

  8. I signed up as soon as I read this last night. Within a few minutes, I was up and running and ads were showing.

    I have an Adsense account, but haven't been really active with it, mostly because I see so many good, legit blog/website owners getting banned for things that they have no control over and I have been skittish about building up money and possibly not getting paid.

    People get clicked bombed by the competition or what have you and poof, the account is banned and appeal is denied and payment (even for valid clicks are denied)

    What ends up happening is the person FINALLY builds up that first $100 for their payment. It may have taken weeks or months and during that time they were not alerted to ANY problems with fraudulent clicks or their account and then as soon as the payment threshold is reached, they are banned and told they are not getting paid.

    OR other seasoned Publishers go on swimmingly for YEARS making hundreds or even thousands of dollars and then one day get banned out of nowhere. And payment denied.

    I really like Qadabra's really simple and clean interface. It reminds me of Infolinks in that everything is easy.

    Adsense has a really busy interface and although I have no problem getting around it (with practice), a newbie would be totally lost. Qadabra is easy for anyone to use.

  9. I've not heard of Qadabra before but as a marketing agency, have been considering alternatives for Adsense because of its limitation on filesize, which means you can't always create the animation or visual effect that you want without exceeding the file size. Good article.

  10. I signed up and added this to my screen. The first ad that showed was a cockroach running around in the ad with a flip flop in the corner. If you moved your mouse and "hit" the cockroach, you could qualify for a free iPad. The cockroach was very realistic and not the type of image I wanted on my site. I waited a couple of days to see if other types of ads would show up. There were one or two others, but the cockroach was on there the majority of the time. So I decided to take it off.

    If folks try this out, just make sure you watch the ads to ensure that they're appropriate for your site.

  11. I personally doubt that there is any real alternative to AdSense, have tried few networks, but honestly those are not getting even close to AdSense. Probably a good option only, if you don't have AdSense account or website is related to niche that is against AdSense ToS.

  12. Hi Sherry,

    Qadabra is a performance based ad network, therefore our ads are set to get you the best eCPMs.

    We also have a great support team that you can always turn to if you wish to remove a specific ad --> support@qadabra.com


  13. I was testing some other Advertising networks like Media.net and MadAdsMedia. But I'm not happy with their performance. I never heard about Qadabra. I'm going to try this network for a few days.

  14. Good alternative to Adsense. Happy with it.

  15. I agree Lynn, every site is different. And I believe every site deserves a fair chance, and who knows by giving them that chance you come across something which turns out to help you. Qadabra sounds cool to me, I hope to try it soon. Thanks for sharing the post.

  16. We are hearing a lot of people getting booted out of Adsense and not given any explanation. A nightmare obviously if you still have a high balance with them when this happens. In which case, you lose your earned money along with your future income. I have only recently come across the name Qadabra and have not had chance to try it as yet. Thanks for the heads up,

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