Choosing Products To Sell Online

What kind of things would be a good choice to sell online? Things that people really need?

Great question! The easiest way to find out what people want to buy online is to look at keyword phrases they are typing into the major search engines.

You can use keyword modifiers to really narrow it down to those people who are ready to make a purchase. They will tell you exactly what they want and need.

While it really is that simple, there are three key things to consider when you're researching which products to sell online...

Focus on Markets, not Products

You want to choose a market to target. Never create a website around a merchant or a product, simply because they come and go - as do their affiliate programs. That's a surefire way to limit yourself, and set yourself up for failure. Instead, you want to focus on specific markets where you can recommend a variety of products.

Ideally you will choose a niche that you have a personal interest in, whether you have any real experience or expertise on that topic or not. It may be something you're just getting into yourself, or it may be a hobby or passion of yours. Either way will work great, and definitely much better than niche or topic you have no interest in at all.

When considering markets, or choosing your specific niche, you want to look for market depth. Don't go super narrow. Choose a niche that gives you plenty of topic ideas, and a variety of products to sell online.

Content Marketing is key, and merchants/products come and go - you'll want variety and options as your online business grows. 😉

Selling is About Serving Your Market

It's not just about making money online. To be truly successful you have to figure out what people want, and help them make smart buying decisions. It's about choosing a market, and serving that market - that's what makes for a great online business with long-term profit potential.

A lot of people hate selling or pitching. You don't have to do a "hard sell" or use smarmy marketing tactics. Simply make solid recommendations that help people make good choices. Period.

That's the base for building a profitable online business.

It's less about choosing the right products, and more about matching products with markets, or markets with merchants. Basically you're the middle man, and your job is to be a "product matchmaker."

Keyword Research Tip: "Intent of the Search"

Many people struggle with the initial market research, and which tool to use to find the right keywords. See: Frustrated With Market Research?

As I mentioned above, you should choose a niche or topic where you have personal interest. Even better if you are your own target market, as you'll have way more insight into the intent behind specific keyword phrases - based on your own personal experience.

For example, I have a low carb blog, which I started not long after I started eating low carb myself. I choose products to sell online based on my own buying habits, and personal experience researching and making purchases online myself.

That hands-on experience gives me a lot of insight into the "intent" behind keyword phrases I research for that blog, because I went through the same process - and understand the thinking behind their research.

Keywords are not just about numbers, they are very specific questions and requests. You want to consider WHY they are searching that phrase, and what their intentions are - are they looking for information, looking to make a purchase, or what exactly?

Choose products to recommend & promote based on the answer to that question!

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Getting that "message to market match" just right is the key to increasing your conversion rate, and your overall business revenue. 😉


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  1. I totally agree with choosing a niche about something that interests you. So many people say it doesn't matter but to me it does. If it doesn't really interest me then I lose interest before the site has a chance to excel.

  2. Online business is all about the right keyword. Businesses bear major losses because they don't use the right keyword. Even a minor spelling mistake can cost you a lot, let alone the entire keyword. All online businesses must stress on keywords, they are the ones which make the business work.

  3. Hi Lynn, I liked your point about focussing the market. This is very much true that products keep on changing, it is the market which remains static. If a person wants to build a good client base, he must target the market.

  4. Great post Lynn, as always! 🙂 Awesome points here, I agree with Paul, one of the most important is "target your market." Thanks for the resource! =)

  5. Great post,
    I like what you said that selling is about serving your market. It's the smartest method to make money selling product!

  6. james samy says

    Thank you Lynn for sharing this great post. It is informative and a lot to learn apply on my part. I love coming here daily to learn and apply in my online journey.
    Once again your lesson learn is a great message for many.
    My only regret sometimes is not able to attend the live sharing because of time zone difference but I made up my mind to be there next week.
    Lynn you are amazing

  7. Shane Boyd says

    Good post Lynn. Something I find fascinating in the 21st Century is that nearly every barrier to entry has been eliminated. Think about it. 20-30 years ago, if somebody wanted to start a business, there were a multitude of hoops they would have to jump through. Obstacle on top of obstacle. Everything from finding what niche to work in, will the niche be profitable, what products do the people in the niche want, what are the biggest problems people are facing in that niche and what kind of advertising works in that niche. The barriers to entry were just horrendous.

    Now, with the internet and ALL the media sources we have and all the data that is so readily available at our fingertips, one can literally start a business in a weekend. With a couple of keyword research tools, (from Google), one can pick a niche, know how many people are searching for that kind of product, find some buying keywords, put together a product (an EBook), build a website and sell your product almost instantly. And know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it will be successful.

    Things have NEVER been this good…ever. They will get better, but they have never been this good. Think about it. You can have a product that you made here in the United States, and sell it to people in China for as little as 25 cents per click. That’s crazy! Why would anyone want to pass that up?

    It’s wicked easy to be successful these days. One only has to want it. If they follow your advice on this blog, then use the power of their brand in their business, the success of the 21st Century entrepreneur is practically guaranteed.


  8. It is indeed important that you choose a specific target market first and focus on that certain bracket of people to do business with. In this way, it is not hard to identify the types of products they would prefer to have.

  9. The great point I get out of your post is "serving your market". Yes, doing research about the product/s, choosing something that truly interests you are spot on. Serving your market is where the rubber meets the road, in my opinion. In other words what do you do when your product becomes a hit, a success and you have to respond with absolutely awesome service, handling all the details, shipping, fulfillment and the like. You can't let the art of selling get ahead of the science of delivery. I can't recall who made the advertisement a couple of years ago where a guy/girl made a website and then the camera cuts to the counter showing how many people were buying the product and the counter was turning faster and faster and then even faster. Point being, prepare for success as it very surely may come and will you be ready?

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