The Affiliate Survival Guide: Dominate Your Niche and Blow Away Your Competitors!

It's after midnight, and I'm sitting on my back deck enjoying a cool quiet evening.. and reading "The Insider's Battle Plan to Winning The Affiliate War (and  Killing  Zombies)." 😯

This brand new Affiliate Survival Guide was just released a few days ago. It's making a huge splash AND it's super cheap, so I decided to read it - crazy Zombie theme and all. Talk about "infotainment" lol. This guide is definitely FUN!

I LOVED it. It took me about an hour to read (only because I was taking notes and jotting down ideas along the way) and it was worth every single minute.

By the time I got to Page 33 I was nodding along, and knew I had to share this with you. This is exactly what I would teach, as a Super Affiliate myself, minus the Zombie references - which I never (ever) would have thought of! 😛 lol...

The Affiliate Survival Guide: The insider’s battle plan to winning the affiliate war (and killing zombies). This is the World’s only guide to achieving Super-Affiliate status generating eye-popping commission checks and killing Zombies with a single blow!

Part One of the Affiliate Survival Guide is great for "newbies". You’ll get a checklist and planning sheets which simplify the entire process.

(Be sure to print these off and put them to work immediately.)

Part Two is all about "Power Strategies" that could turn you into a six­‐figure affiliate marketer. This is where it gets REALLY good!

You won't find a bunch of fluff or theory in this guide. These are the exact strategies that two super affiliates use themselves - that work. They give you the actual steps (in the detail you need), along with suggested resources, so that all you really have to do is follow along and copy the process.

If You're Looking For a Step-by-Step Blueprint, This Is It.

If you've tried Affiliate Marketing and you're frustrated, you'll get a lot out of this brand new guide. In less than an hour you'll discover how to become a better affiliate marketer, increase your commissions, show up on (more) launch leaderboards, and best of all - have fun doing it!

I heard about this guide when it was released because I've been following these guys for awhile. I can tell you firsthand that they practice what they teach.

Simon & Jeremy know how affiliate marketing works, and they're consistently on the top of the leader boards in almost any affiliate contest that they enter.

Even if you are brand new to the idea of affiliate marketing, you’ll find this guide easy to read and follow, and implement. If you’re already an affiliate, you'll appreciate this "advanced blueprint" and the very specific strategies you can put into play immediately.

They could have easily done a "guru launch" with this guide, but they kept the price point low to remove all barriers of entry - at any level. This is the guide they wrote to help their own affiliates perform well, by the way...

Grab your copy, USE the checklist & planning sheets, and start earning more money as an affiliate... this month. Period.

The zombie theme was interesting! I have to admit it seemed a little "over the top" when I first checked out the guide, but I knew the authors well enough to download it anyway. I'm glad I did! I didn't expect much for less than 30 bucks. I was wrong.

Not only is it a solid blueprint for Affiliate Marketing, it was sprinkled with enough "zombie humor" to make it a FUN read. This is definitely not your typical dry boring blah blah blah how-to guide... It's GOOD.

The discount will end soon though so grab a copy, read it over a cup of coffee, and start earning more by taking action on what you discover.



p.s. Even if you’ve been in affiliate marketing for years, I’m pretty sure you’ll pick up some valuable tips & tricks in this one. (I did!) They didn’t make $317,734.89 in commissions on one network alone last year without a solid strategy...

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  1. James Samy says

    Hi Lynn,

    The day I found this site till today, you always share the best and definitely I know this will the best too. Anyway I have grab it with your recommendation.
    Thank you very much and I will update after reading the guide
    You did it in one hour .... lol let's see how long I take

  2. I gotta say this is pretty creative, makes me want to step up my own ebook designs and sales page lol. Is it only 33 pages though?

  3. Thank-you Lynn, it looks awesome, I just purchased it. Can't wait to read it tonight!

  4. Henrik Flensborg says

    Would you say this guide is aimed more towards making it to the top of launch leaderboards, more towards long lasting affiliate sites - or does it cover multiple ways of "being" an affiliate marketer?

    • Both! Great question. It does cover ways to hit leaderboards, which is important in ANY niche. It's how I've cut better deals and exclusive offers with merchants - even outside of "internet marketing". But that point aside, it gives a step-by-step blueprint for creating a profitable online business - period. It's the exact advice I would give myself for someone just starting out, and also has great points for seasoned bloggers & online business owners as well!

      I would recommend it to a complete newbie, and as someone who's been working online for over 16 years and blogging for almost 9 years, I took notes - and decided to print it out myself. 😉 *cheers*

  5. Thanks for the article, Lynn. Yes, I am frustrated by the affiliate process. Maybe this is what I'm looking for, a simple way to explain it to a newbie like me.

  6. Lynn,

    I want to purchase. One question. Is this guide based on list building? If it says " no list then no money" , then I will stay away from it.

    • Hi Dom,

      No, this guide is not specifically about list building. That said, it's something every serious online business owner should do, as a means of serving their market - and allowing their readers to receive & consume content. And it is mentioned in the guide, as part of the overall model. As it should be! 😉 *cheers*

  7. Wow! Very interesting and creative way of writing, especially when my country just launched World War Z by Brad Pitt. Good marketing!

  8. Terry Britton says

    Do you have any comments on their Ultramaxed affiliate software OTO?

    Thanks, Lynn - obvious that I bought the book on your recommendation!


  9. Downloaded. Always look forward to checking out a useful guide or eBook!

    • Great, Shawn - I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you've had a chance to read it. I was really impressed with it, not to mention it's a FUN read. 😀

  10. ThreeLaddersMarketing says

    There are lots of great affiliate how-to's or guides or ebooks, etc. I feel they all have a purpose and a value, but what it always comes down to is what you're willing to put into it.

    From the people I've know, there's a lot of enthusiasm when they're reading these resources and getting pumped up. My best advice would be, remember that motivation and energy and excitement and harness that when you're putting in the countless hours it takes to become the super affiliate you want to be.

    I always love your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Checking it out now. 🙂

    Looks like a really fun guide!

  12. Hi Lynn, this link no longer works, Hope you can advise?

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