Web Hosting: Is It All About Price?

I was surfing around the V7 Network today and came across their cPanel Hosting services. I found it interesting that their pricing plans are almost double what I am currently paying, but it brought up a good question:

When you are looking for a web hosting provider, is pricing your main concern?

When it comes to web hosting, most people prefer and recommend a host that offers cPanel. It is a feature-rich Control Panel that offers one-click applications that are incredibly easy to use. Once you get familiar with cPanel, it is a feature you look for in any web hosting company that you do business with.

But across all of the web hosts that offer cPanel... it seems that most compete by price. Granted, this is a smart tactic for hosting providers that target the 'newbie market', as they are probably more concerned with price than with features they arent yet familiar with.

Being a big fan of the V7 Network, I decided to read on. They make no qualms about their pricing structure, and in fact that state upfront that V7inc is not for everyone:

V7 was founded on the principle of spare-no-expense and provide the best hosting possible. This means we do not compete price-wise with the majority of web hosts out there.

And if you read through their testimonials, you'll find that even Aaron Wall (SEObook.com) uses V7inc for at least two of his own sites. If you're familiar with Aaron, that in itself is a very high recommendation.

Would I pay more for quality web hosting? Absolutely! I've been in the business long enough to know just what downtime and poor support can cost. Would I recommend it to someone that was completely new to online business and working on their first website? Probably not - you can get your feet wet on a good lower-priced web host like HostGator.

I use a variety of web hosts myself (some cheap, some not-so-cheap), each for their own reason, and am looking seriously at V7inc for my next account. What do YOU look for in web hosting... and is price one of the major factors when making the final decision?


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  1. Price is important, but rhat's also relative. Besides offering cPanel and the ability to host multiple domains the most important thing is service.

    Having fast responding support available by phone and email with reasonable hours is sooo important when something needs to be changed, the site goes down, or I accidentally delete something and need a backup. 😉

    I recently needed to upgrade a site's server from MySQL 4 to 5 very quickly to finish a project. Hostgator got it completed within 24 hrs eventhough I'd emailed them at the end of the normal work day. So far they're the best I've encountered.

  2. I agree Sandra. I had my share of hosting trouble a few years ago, so I know all too well just how relative pricing can be!

    I am using HostGator for several sites as well (this one included) and have been happy with their service & support.

  3. Carrie Wigal says

    I certainly have found that price should not be the determining factor. Service REALLY does matter. I'm using three different web hosts now and while I'm new to hostgator, I like their panel. I also use thirdsphere and they offer A LOT of info/help...something I sure could have used in the beginning of my online endeavors. There's nothing more frustrating for me than to have to figure everything out on my own...like when is it my job to know something and when is it my web host's job to take care of it for me. Bottom line...service matters.

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