The Optional Excerpt in WordPress

Let me tell you why this is COOL 😉

I am talking about the Optional Excerpt feature in WordPress. I probably wouldn’t have considered using this, but it came set up for me in the theme I uploaded from the OptiNiche package. (Thank you, Teli!!)

Usually when you create a post, WordPress will take a snippet of that post and use it as your excerpt on the category pages - and also in your Feed (if you chose to display excerpts instead of full posts).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always display the best little snippet. With the Optional Excerpt, though, you can create your own excerpt of each individual post. Doing this allows you to: a) use relevant keyword phrases in your excerpt, and b) use your copywriting skills to encourage people to click through and read the full post.

You can see this in action on any of my category pages. For example, the Google Adsense category. At the moment I only have one post there, and it contained some 'dummy content' as I was testing an Adsense Plugin. Not pretty as an excerpt. So I wrote my own excerpt using the Optional Excerpt feature:

I’m using the Adsense Plugin by Phil Hord. This is basically just a test post with dummy content to see if the plugin is working properly. If you use Adsense+WordPress, this serves as a good example - and you’ll find the link to the plugin here as well.

As you can see, I was able to write a descriptive excerpt to give viewers an idea of what to expect from the post. Oh - And while you are looking at that category page, you'll notice the text at the top of the page - this text comes from the Category Description, which you define when you set up each category. This is another great place for you to use SEO Copywriting 😉

Lynn Terry, a HUGE fan of OptiNiche!

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  1. Lynn,

    Your WordPress Blog looks great. I like the layout lot's.

    This blog is just one more reminder of the things I need to do to my
    wordpress blogs.

    I would love to try and put a few of my niche products onto
    wordpress and see how it does compared to building sites in
    XSite Pro.

    Anyways, lookin good.


  2. Thanks a million, Jason 😉

    I'm having a great time with it so far!

    ~ Lynn

  3. Hey Lynn!

    How's it going? Thought I'd stop by and see your new ClickNewz site and I see you've got your WordPress up and running and it's looking REAL good - as usual!

    Nice clean looking template. Is this one of Teli's?

    I'm resurrecting my blog and just upgraded to WP 2.0.2 just to be on the safe side! I probably better get it off my CashJunction site onto it's own domain, though, huh? LOLOL

    Have FUN!

    Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel

  4. Yeah - and at the moment this is pretty much "out of the box" through her OptiNiche package, with just a few small customizations. I'm planning to "skin it" as they say - may take me some time though! 😆

    As for moving your blog, it really depends on the objective of the blog. If it goes along with your CashJunction site, I'd leave it on that same domain. If it is a separate project altogether... then I'd suggest moving it, yes.

    Sharon & Roy would be the ones to talk to about that, btw. You can reach them at and take them up on the free one-hour consultation 😉

    See you on the forum!

    ~ Lynn

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