Ideas for How-To Content and How-To Products

This is an easy way to brainstorm ideas for websites, content or products: Simply research 'action words' or phrases that give you an idea of the various niches that are popular.

For example, the following keyword list was the result of a search for "how to". The number to the left of each keyword phrase is the approximate number of searches per day across the major search engines:

2943 sedu hairstyles how to
2393 how to tie a tie
1978 how to write a resume
1410 how to draw
1010 how to draw anime
959 how to play soccer
920 how to draw manga
858 how to write a bibliography
821 how to build a deck

767 how to make fimo beads
716 how to pass a drug test
675 how to build a catapult
671 how to play games
659 how to lose weight

645 how to make money
626 how to get a passport
619 how to play the game
615 how to books
603 how to make a resume

603 how to write a research paper
592 how to clean cat urine
582 how to hack
580 how to knit
560 how to cut hair

560 how to make a kite
541 how to get on myspace at school
518 learn how to hack
513 how to crochet
507 how to draw people

507 how to make a volcano
500 how to write a cover letter
481 how to draw dragons
481 how to make
479 how to gain weight

469 how to write a business plan
456 how to write a book
449 how to dance
447 how to make a diaper cake
446 learn how to draw manga

439 how to clean pet urine
428 how to boil an egg
426 how to make a bong
402 how to write an essay
393 how to play tennis

386 how to make a toga
386 how to play basketball
382 how to make paper airplanes
375 how to start a business
373 how to braid hair

373 how to make a paper airplane
373 how to skateboard
361 how to play guitar
358 how to lose weight fast
358 how to make a pinata

349 how to play poker
347 how to write a reference
343 how to clean leather
340 how to play chess
336 how to make a website
336 how to pick a lock
333 how to meditate

The approximate number of searches per day for each keyword phrase were found using WordTracker's Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Using that tool you can 'dig deeper' and find even more specific phrases on any given topic. These longer, more specific phrases are referred to as longtail phrases and generally convert at a much higher rate than general phrases.

For example, if you take the phrase "how to write a resume" and dig deeper, you find:

1978 how to write a resume
59 how to write a teacher resume
49 how to write a job resume
35 how to write a nursing resume
33 how to write a graphic designer resume
29 free how to write a resume
29 how to write a good resume
24 how to write a bartending resume
24 how to write a professional resume
24 how to write a teaching resume
22 how to write a career change resume
22 how to write a cover letter for a resume
22 how to write a nurse resume
22 how to write a resume free
21 how to write a functional resume
21 how to write a resume example
19 how to write a career change resume and cover letter
17 how to write a resume for nursing student
15 how to write a college resume

These longtail phrases are great for brainstorming new content pages to add to your website, article titles for your Article Marketing campaigns, and even chapter ideas for your info products.

Using 'action words' to start your research is a good way to get a broad look at niches that may be profitable for a website or info-product. In addition to 'how to', you might also consider: buy, order, download, find, etc. Get creative!

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  1. Today is that Day says

    Lynn - Some of these are hilarious! Who would have thought after all this time that finding out how to build a bong would still be such a popular topic??

    I guess people ARE getting smarter, though, because "how to pass a drug test" was considerably higher up on the list than "how to make a bong"... πŸ™‚

    - Aaron

  2. LOL πŸ˜†

  3. Lynn,

    What a fine post this one is.

    Great tips! Thanks.


  4. Glad you cleaned that list up Lynn! πŸ™‚

    Love your Blog

    Ed Dale

  5. LOL I do try to keep a clean blog πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    Thank you!

  6. elizabeth ashe says

    Great Stuff, Lynn.

    I never thought of doing that.

  7. Digging deep is the key! You've provided a great list and starting point. Great job!

  8. Mrs. Sinner says

    One of my favs had to be "How to make." Make? lol. I'm hoping the people who are searching for things such as "How to pass a drugg test" and "How to pick a lock" are also doing searches for "How to find a good lawyer" and "How to survive in prison."

    Good times!

  9. Great insights! now how to formulate a call to action plan and see results:)


  10. Mike Bundrant says

    cool tips. much appreciated. put this with searches for lower competition and it could work well.

  11. You have some really great ways to get ideas of how to think of more content for your website. The suggestions you have a good because they will become pillar articles that other website owners will want to link to. I also like using "Top 5 Ways To.." or "10 Methods To" etc. Great post.

  12. GREAT article as always Lynn! Wondering if you have found an alternative for WordTracker since they shut us all off? Thanks for all your info! It's much appreciated!

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