The Truth About SEO In 2013

SEO 2013 (Video)

Dan Thies and Leslie Rhode of SEO Braintrust have just put out a new video titled The Truth About SEO (above). They are both long-term top search experts in the industry that I follow myself. The video is only 18 minutes long, and I highly recommend you watch it today.

You'll get to see a historical view of Google search results, and the value of top listings over time, and how those values have changed with the evolution of Google's SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The video walks you through what worked then, how things are now, and what you should be doing in regards to SEO for your online business here and now - in 2013. These are the two to watch for ongoing SEO changes, so you'll definitely want to stay tuned to what they have to say going forward as well.

They are also the authors of the Free Google Penalty Evaluation and Recovery Guide that you've likely heard me mention before. Highly recommended if you think you may have been affected by a Google Penalty, or you want to prevent being "dinged" in the future. 😉

Enjoy the video - and leave your thoughts below!


* These are my referral links, but the video and the guide are both free. Enjoy these great resources, and the free training & info from two top experts!

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  1. Things do change and evolve. It was interesting to take a look back to 2008 and see how the search results has changed. Not just the look, but the feel of what comes back after searching. I always thought that when I write and article I should write it for people but somewhere along the track, we read something that says things differently and we throw the switch and head to an unknown destination. Ironic thing is, we are making full circle coming back to the people. The people are the ones that ultimately make the difference.

    Thanks, I really enjoyed the message here.

  2. Enlightening video - particularly regarding how few organic search results above the fold. There are probably none when viewing from a small screen mobile device.
    All the white hat examples - they must have been using clicknewz as the poster
    Seriously, everything they mentioned you have perfected on your own sites, and it obviously works.
    Thanks for the share.

  3. hi Lynn

    Google nowadays is putting more emphasize on freshness and their results vary depending if you're logged into Gmail/Google, or not, plus lots of results are mixed (e.g. Videos, forums, blogs, etc.)

    10 years ago things were a bit more different... however, ranking into SERPs is similar... create content, generate back-links, and BAM.

    The thing which I think also changed a bit is the fluctuations of these rankings... it looks like they move up and down a few times a day...

  4. Warren Whitlock says

    Great post and reminder that SEO has changed much in the past couple of years. Following advice from even a year back could be fraught with peril!

  5. Lynn Hasty says

    Very interesting. I learned a lot. Thank you!


  6. Really interesting post reminding us that things have changed quite a lot recently.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Hey Lynn, thanks for sharing the video. It is actually a great way to learn. I specially liked the way it describes the methods of SEO as per the time frame. I believe people will learn better with the help of the historical view.

  8. Hi Lynn, I feel this recovery and evaluation guide would help people not only to realize the mistakes they made but also the ways in which they can regain their lost business. I hope people make the most of such a useful thing.

  9. Shathyan Raja says

    SEO is a never ending task for a blog and also it is the life for the blog. Doing SEO helps the blog to rank well in search engine according to the user keywords.

    Writing quality articles and building backlinks will be one of the bes SEO strategy which can be followed in 2013 for ranking our website.

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