Product Launch Case Study: Leverage & Buzz

Social Marketing ResultsIt's been close to a month now since the official release of my Signature Product titled Social Marketing Results. A few weeks ago I told you how and why I created the product, which was just as backwards as they way I have launched it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You may have noticed that I haven't been actively promoting the product myself. Meaning I haven't been selling it to my email list, adding banners to my blog, or "pitching it" via social media.

Why? There are two main reasons, which I'll share with you in this post. And whether you're launching a product yourself or ever plan to, what you'll learn about leverage and buzz here will be highly valuable to you in your own online business...

I shot a quick video for you on the topic, which is just around five minutes and gives you a good overview of what I've been doing for the last few weeks - and why:

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We discussed this recently on Facebook as well:


To keep this post short I'll just hit the highlights, and then if you have any questions you can just leave a comment below...

  • Recruiting and helping affiliates is a smarter use of my time, allowing me to increase my reach exponentially - faster and easier.
  • Since recruiting affiliates, and leverage, are my top priorities, by not promoting directly myself I am not competing with my affiliates - which gives them an advantage AND an incentive to work with me.
  • Instead of spending my time "selling", I get to spend my time "helping" and creating valuable content, which I enjoy much more!
  • By doing interviews, webinars, guest posts, presentations, and other things to help my affiliates make more sales... I am not only creating buzz for my new product, but also creating buzz for my blog and brand in general.
  • By NOT selling directly to my own subscribers, readers and followers - and using my affiliate's content to bring them valuable free content - I am strengthening my relationship with my readers, instead of alienating them with a pitch. As a special perk to my email subscribers, I also gave them the option to order the product in advance at a discounted rate, before it was ever created.

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  • What other people say about you and/or your product is more well-received and trusted than anything you say yourself.
  • Working with my affiliates, instead of embarking on an all out self-marketing campaign, frees me up to spend more time with my buyers and more time continuously adding to and improving my product.
  • In the Internet Marketing space specifically, I enjoy doing the unexpected. UNselling. Not bombarding buyers with OTO's and backend offers. Not drilling the buyers with hard-sale email follow-ups. All the things that "work" or that we're taught in Internet Marketing - can get exhaustive for the buyers.

    Instead, leaving them pleasantly surprised with your process and over-delivering on quality & content, helps you build a better long-term relationship with your buyers. To paraphrase a quote I saw recently: "It's not about Launch Day. It's about the long-term impact on your business." To sum that up - I would rather create an awesome product and have insanely happy customers than to make a quick buck. (Serve your market. It pays back in spades.)

My primary objective here is to spread the word about this awesome new product in the least amount of time, with the least amount of actual marketing (ie work), with the fastest results. And at the same time to build a stronger relationship and a higher level of engagement with my own readers.

Leverage and Buzz are both huge assets to any online business.

I encourage you to consider creative angles you can use to incorporate both into your online business. And if you have any questions about that, just leave a comment below and we can discuss it!


p.s. My affiliate program pays you instantly via PayPal for each sale, as well as 2nd tier sales. That means you could promote it today, and get paid today. Even if you're not an experienced affiliate yet, I'm happy to work with you and help you recommend my product. Get in touch with me and let's talk! ๐Ÿ˜‰ *cheers*

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  1. Annemarie OBea says

    I have so enjoyed watching this process Lynn. Thanks for the recap of your strategy. It has been soo refreshing to not be bombarded with offer after offer of your launch, or bored with those old fashioned long sales pages. I've been amazed at your participation on the Facebook page, its although you sit there all the time just to answer our questions -- although I know you well enough to know thats not true! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You always have your finger on the pulse of your audience, and this is no exception. You are one smart cookie!! Thanks for creating AND supporting such a great product, and Congratulations on an amazing launch!

  2. Fran Civile says

    What a refreshing point of view! It seems that your long experience as a successful affiliate has somehow motivated you to support your own affiliates by "not competing with them"

    I really like your take on "unselling"

    Thank you,


  3. Congrats for the launching of your Signature Product titled Social Marketing Result.
    What I like here is the Key cases, Outlier cases, Local knowledge cases were presented and explained in your case studies. It is not that difficult to comprehend, most especially in your view that you are strengthening your relationship with your readers, instead of alienating them with a pitch.
    And lastly, what got me glued also is when you mentioned, HELPING INSTED OF SELLING. Lending a hand to people is more appreciated than SELLING. You must stand in your customers' shoe. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love it! Thanks for this Lynn!

    I found this post shared on, the IM social networking site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.

  4. Hi, Lynn!

    Couple of questions for you on your new SMR. (Congrats, by the way, on producing your own first product!!) First, the "background":

    I'm in the finalizing plan for a first annual "Millionaire Micromaven Challenge" on my site, starting 1 Jan. Essentially, it's aiming to be a year-long free course for readers in launching or developing their own blog-based online business. Each month has a theme dedicated to one key online biz element, and a set of "mini-projects" (one per week) to that element. One of the months will cover (surprise!) Social Media networking and marketing. And I'm thinking it might be cool to feature your SMR, as well as do a short series of posts throughout the month discussing what I'm learning and the success I'm having from implement your awesome advice.

    So, my questions are:
    1) Would you be cool with my featuring SMR in this way?
    2) Do you have an affiliate program for it?
    3) If you are happy to have me feature it, would you like to offer any of my readers who opt to purchase it a discount or some other offer? (e.g. by continuing to offer it at the discounted $77 price)

    Thanks a million for your consideration--not to mention, all round general Awesomeness!

  5. Thanks for the learning's. This is what you were trying to tell me on your Clicknewz site-I get it now!

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