Rounded Corners on Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense is offering a new option when you set up your ad format. You'll see it on the Choose Ad Format and Colors page at the very bottom. The option is to use the traditional square corners, or the new rounded corners.

Most Adsense experts will advise you not to use borders at all, blending your ads into your page seamlessly, so this option will not be of interest to most publishers. However, it may fit in very well with some of the newer Web 2.0 themes...

To give you a visual of how these new ad formats look, you can see the rounded corner option below.

Be sure to set up a new "channel" if you decide to test this ad format, so that you can compare how well it performs compared to your original ad format.


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  1. Definitely not for me, but I could see it bing fit into some of the new web2.0 themes, maybe use the cube shape and the same color as some navigation buttons? I like them with no borders on most of my sites.

  2. Yes, I have since removed the border as an example (in case anyone was wondering)... as expected, it decreased the CTR 😉

  3. I just found this recently when creating an ad for one of my sites. I think it is a great addition but not for everyone!

  4. Which one do you think will receive more clicks?

  5. rounded corners are the default setting for my ads' corners. I just like the rounded format.

  6. The rounded corner options seems to have been removed ... only border color can still be selected, but no border shape.

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