Using Askville To Gain Targeted Traffic & Exposure

In a recent article titled 10 Free Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website, I mentioned using Yahoo! Answers to funnel targeted traffic to your pages or offers:

Go to and find questions related to your niche or website. If you can provide a legitimate answer to their question, you can include your link as the resource or reference URL.

Kelly McCausey pointed out to me that there is another new Public Opinion/Q&A site called Askville, which is a beta start-up by In fact, she has a Squidoo Lens that will give you all the details: Askville Lens...

The great things about these types of sites (Yahoo! Answers, MyLot, Askville, etc) is that you can 1) use them for live market research, and 2) communicate directly with your target market on a micro-level.

These sites feature discussions on medical topics, entertainment, business, parenting, pets and practically anything else you can imagine. No matter what niches you work in, you will find your target audience asking questions - and more than willing to answer them as well.

answering questions

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to check this out. Kelly mentioned in the seminar wednesday night while talking to Alice and I forgot to write myself a note about checking it out.

  2. Dave Navarro says


    Thanks for the tip. Now I just have to figure out what a Squidoo lens is 🙂

  3. Squidoo is a pretty hot topic lately - I will mention more on that in an upcoming post 😉

  4. I stumbled upon Askville one horrendously, fateful day. Do NOT fall for any good that might be said about that hateful site! They argue...constantly, they are cruel to each other, if you don't write like them (grammer usauge like theirs, writing style, wording choice, WHAT KIND of questions you ask, on and, on and, on and, are at the unreasonably, back-stabbing, hypocritical, biggoted....MERCY of a group of bully bitches on this site!!
    THEY (about 5 women...NO, BEASTS!!) run and control this Askville site (the puppet the supposed Moderators) and, they leave NO STONE UNTURNNED in telling you EXACTLY how you are to act, in every way. (if they could control your manner of dress...THEY WOULD!!!) And, this is a great one...if you what they call a newbie, (a new arrival...whoa, is you!) which they FALSLY make great fuss of treating ever so gently, and you do ONE THING wrong, then BAMM!! DOWN COME THE ASKVILLE AXE!! AND, then ....they attack you...ficiously (I had my name, that I was lied to into giving, dragged through the mud ALL OVER THE INTERNET while they, OPENLY laughed in the sites open comment forum (the DB) and I was taunted and mocked!! Well, I'm going to try to submit this blog I'vr see if it WILL OR WILL NOT go FOR NOW, ONLY, do I stop! I'll be back...if I tell ALL, EVERYONE more of this NIGHTMARE SITE CALLED ASKVILLE!!!

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