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I got an email about the new "Watch Movies Online" option from Netflix this morning, though I had already noticed it when I logged into my Netflix account to manage my movie queue. So today I decided to check it out...

Sidenote: This post discusses Netflix and online movies from a marketing perspective, so if you came here looking for a way to watch movies online you'll want to click the Netflix banner at the top left. You can sign up for a Free Trial, get an account for less than $5 a month, and you'll get DVD's shipped to you directly as well as hundreds of free online movies to watch.

In order to watch movies online free you'll need a broadband connection, Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher - or Windows Vista and Internet Explorer version 6 or higher. If you just want to subscribe to the DVD delivery, well - you'll just need a DVD Player (Duh, right? πŸ™„ hehe).

Update: You can now stream movies through a variety of game consoles and mobile devices, including iPods and the iPad, your PS3, etc. Lots of new options!

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

Now, back to the marketing angle ...

The cool thing about this new option is that you can log into your Netflix account, choose your movie and click the the Play button. There's no extra charge to watch movies online - it's a new perk with every Netflix account.

This means that you dont have to download movies (That you *ahem* purchased through a legit download service) and burn them to a special disc so that you can watch them on your TV or take them over to a friends house.

You can simply log on to your Netflix account from any computer at any location, and pick movies to watch online - it's that simple.

We have 3 computers up & running here (currently - there are sometimes 4 or 5), so my first thought was that this is a dream come true for a work-at-home mom! There are those moments - and I know you can relate! - that my 10 year old daughter is "bored" and a great movie could buy me a solid hour or two of focused work time. Bingo! Just log her into Netflix and let her take her pick!

This is an awesome option whether the kids are having a slumber party, you have house guests, or you just want to take a break and watch a movie. And as you probably know, most laptops will plug into any television with a simple S-Video cable - so you're not limited to watching movies on your computer screen.

As you can see, there are tons of angles to promote this service as an affiliate. And a HUGE market for it. A bit competitive perhaps, but using a micro-niche approach has a lot of potential ;).

The Netflix Affiliate Program is managed by LinkShare. If you would like to become a Netflix affiliate, sign up to become a LinkShare Affiliate. The program pays $9 for every person you refer to Netflix, once they sign up for an account through your link.

To give you some ideas, there are almost 6,000 searches a day for movie reviews. Competitive? Yes. But how about breaking it down:

562 christian movie reviews
338 hd dvd movie reviews
255 ebert movie reviews
236 adult movie reviews
225 current movie reviews
156 family movie reviews
151 horror movie reviews
137 roger ebert movie reviews
123 top movie reviews
102 new movie reviews
95 focus on the family movie reviews
68 latest movie reviews
67 parent movie reviews

Obviously if you choose to do Movie Reviews, you can easily watch the movies online through your own Netflix account and write your own original reviews. And of course you could write-off your Netflix payment as a business expense if that were the case πŸ˜‰

Your Call-To-Action would be easy, as each movie you review is obviously available to watch online through Netflix (since that's where you watched it). So you could say "Watch this movie online now".

Netflix also offers re-plays of TV Shows by seasons. You can get them on DVD, or watch the season show online. Shows like Law & Order SVU, The Office, Doctor Who, Outer Limits, etc.

I dont imagine it would take much keyword research to put together a TV Review type site (or blog).

Do people come online for movies? YES! Check out some of these keyword phrases, and the number of searches every day for each (to the left):

24649 movies
14492 free movies
4343 movie downloads
4123 download movies
3865 new movies
2710 free online movies
2109 watch movies online
1514 ipod movies
1343 online movies
1204 movie database
987 dvd movies

Granted, a lot of people are looking for free movie downloads, or free online movies. But there are also a lot of people who sign up for services like Netflix because they dont want to do something illegal, "get busted" or worry about malicious viruses and spyware being downloaded to their hard drive.

I should think you could make a good case for those points in your promotions to increase conversions πŸ˜‰ .

I'm a Netflix customer myself. I love to rent movies, but the price and free home delivery converted me to a Netflix user without a second thought - not to mention the "no late fees" lol. It's honestly not a very hard sale.

Just brainstorming out loud. Hopefully some of these ideas will be useful to you!

Again, if you want to become a Netflix affiliate and promote their service (which pays $9 per referral), you can sign up at LinkShare. The Netflix program is managed by their network.

Update: the Netflix program is now managed by the Google Affiliate Network

Netflix User, Watching Movies Online Almost Every Day! ;-)

Ready to Watch Movies Online Free, with Netflix?

Get a Free Trial today!

Since this post was originally published, we now have an iPad - and LOVE to watch movies online using the Netflix app. We also stream movies and TV series' to the big screen through our PS3. Netflix rocks! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Robert Nelson says

    Netflix is a great service made even better by the ability to watch movies online with no long download time frame and for no additional monthly cost. Netflix rocks

  2. Ditto that! I'm a very happy Netflix customer πŸ˜‰

  3. Lynn,
    I love this post. This is right up my alley. I love renting movies. I'm going to create an affiliate site for movie and TV show reviews. This is the type of site I could monetize and have fun with. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

  4. Excellent! I look forward to hearing more about that, Wes πŸ˜€ I'll probably be a big fan and regular reader!

  5. J.P. Micek says

    Great example of niche segmenting using movie reviews as an example Lynn. It's much easier for a person's passion to come out and attract an equally passionate audience.

  6. Thank you J.P. - I agree. While you can always monetize niches you arent personally passionate about, it is MUCH easier to work with topics you truly enjoy and also have some hands-on experience with.

  7. Todd Schafer says

    It's too bad Wes never posted his progress. I went ahead and signed up through your link.
    Awesome idea, and though I'm sure nobody gets rich; it does become another income stream.
    Now that almost another year has passed (I see you dropped to #2 in Google), how goes the program?

  8. Ocala Florida Web Design says

    I use Netflix and am impressed with the quick turnaround shipping their dvd's. The only drawback I see is there watch instant movies online leave a bit to be desired.
    Most movies are still quite old and I wish they would add more new releases on a somewhat regular basis. Other than that they do a great job in every other area.
    Easy navigation, user friendly website, quick shipping. Very good business / marketing model.

  9. I have used netflix for a while now and love being able to watch my movies wherever I am. Im with you Breville, who needs prime time - was never anything good on anyway!

  10. Yup.. I agree.. NetFlix is the best place for movie lovers to gather and discuss.

  11. I have a PC and don't want to download iTunes, is there any way I can safely download high quality movie trailers? If so, what website or program?

    Thank you in advance!

  12. Netflix has lots of subscribers but based off their earnings report today... they are losing subscribers fast! Looks like other online streaming services are taking a bite out of them.

  13. Netflix is not available over here in Holland and for sure it wont ever be free! Have seen it in action while on vacation in England and seems like a good system.

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