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About Lynn Terry

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EP5: Exposure & Profit Conference August 10-12

  The "EP5" Exposure & Profit event in Atlanta is less than a month away! The hotel rate and discounted tickets are only available for a very short time, so now is the time to book if you plan to join us. 😉 (Save $50 on your ticket with code: SAVEONEP5) See: Save $50 […]

(PROOF) Worried About Facebook Page Reach & Engagement Declining? Don’t Be!

If you're concerned about Facebook Reach and Engagement declining in 2018, don't be! Those discussions are meant to scare the skittish and weed out the weak - not affect YOU, or any serious marketer...

GooDoPpoRtunity: Practical GDPR Compliance Relief Checklist – Don’t Screw This Up ;-)

Don't follow the herd and miss out on the HUGE opportunity to use GDPR to your advantage, and as a means to increase engagement and sales - instead of alienate and annoy your customers & subscribers...

Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Checklists

When I downloaded these Internet Marketing checklists, I thought that's exactly what they were - or all they would be, I should say. That is NOT the case. They are more like detailed step-by-step training guides and an actionable reference you'll find yourself using daily!

Weekly Accountability Checklist

Are you holding yourself accountable to your biggest goals and highest priorities? Here is a great copy & paste list/worksheet you can use with accountability partners or in your weekly brainstorming to help you grow & improve your business consistently...

Big Ambitious Goals Worksheet (Copy & Paste)

Use this Goals Worksheet to outline Your Top 3 Priorities and your Action Plan for achieving those goals. Each of your three goals should be very specific, easily measurable and include a deadline...

Monday Motivation: GOYA!

Did you kick off Q2 with a bang and hit your goals HARD? Or are you still doing the same thing, with the same results, and realizing you're not getting ANY closer to reaching your goals? (that would be the most common answer...)

Puzzle Game: Your Top 3 Priorities In Life

I've seen this fun word puzzle and others like it cross my screen several times over the years. The mission: name the first three words you see! Everyone comes up with different answers of course, which is what makes it fun...

How to Get Fast Working Capital & Flexible Funds for Your Business

If you need working capital or flexible cashflow for your business, Kabbage is super fast & very simple to work with. You can qualify online in literally 10 minutes - no messy paperwork or drawn out process...

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