Web Hosting Hell – The Switchover

I hate to admit it, but somehow over the years it has all become a bit of a mess. 31 domain names, 23 subdomains, 19 email addresses, multiple databases and scripts running across several sites - you get the picture...

Web Hosting: Is It All About Price?

I use a variety of web hosts myself (some cheap, some not-so-cheap), each for their own reason, and am looking seriously at V7inc for my next account. What do YOU look for in web hosting… and is price one of the major factors when making the final decision?

ThirdSphere Down?

What a great way to start a Monday morning 🙄 ... Have I lost my mind, or is ThirdSphere just down this morning? I cant even get to thirdsphere.com, but surprisingly I havent seen any hits on technorati or elsewhere (yet) on this issue... Its funny almost, because I've become so accustomed to their service […]

Domain Name Q&A

Below are 8 of the most recent questions regarding Domain Names at the SSWT Forum. From selling domain names, domain parking, issues with specific registrars, recommendations. Feel free to add your own questions, or add your 2c to the topics above…

Free Media File Hosting

Wiki Upload is offering Free File Hosting for your media files, including: video, audio, mp3/music, images and more. You can upload up to 5 gigs worth of media files absolutely free! Once you upload your files, you will be given a link to use wherever you like.

Getting a Website Online

No matter what kind of work-at-home opportunity you choose, you will need some type of web presence in order to properly market yourself or your products online. Whether you are involved in Network Marketing, developing Affiliate Sites, promoting your own products, or marketing your service-based business - the first question when starting out is: How do I create my website?

Shopping Cart Solutions

osCommerce is an open-source shopping cart script which enables you to create an online store and fully customize it. Of course, that’s easier said than done for most people - and custom programming and template designs can get pricey…

Web Hosts: How Does Yours Perform?

Most people will ask for user reviews and recommendations in the popular discussion forums when they are choosing a new web hosting company, but experiences and information there can be conflicting. But today I ran across an awesome resource to help you compare real data between popular hosts...

Web Hosting Specs

If you want to compare hosting plans, I just found a cool site you should check out! It's the Web Hosting Search Engine. By changing the specs in the drop boxes at the top of the screen, you get a complete comparison chart within a matter of seconds...

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