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September 17th, 2009, 08:26 AM
Are You Fed Up Of Paying $97 Every Time You Need An eBook Cover? Want To Make Your Own Professional E-Covers In Just Minutes?

"What If You Could...Ethically Steal A Graphic Designer Secret Weapon That You Can Use Anytime You Want?"

Now, You Can Start Creating Your Very Own Ecover in In Just A Few Minutes without Having To Hire An Expensive Graphic Designer! Save Your Time and Save Your Money Right Away!

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Let's face it... People are often told to never judge a book by its cover. But if the saying exists, it is because we human beings have an inclination to do so -- otherwise, why do we need to say such a thing in the first place?

Like it or not, we DO judge books by their covers!

Book covers are not alone... Front-page headlines and pictures help to sell newspapers. Packaging and labeling help to sell products. Signs and window displays help to drive traffic inside stores. Bottom-line...

... First impressions can make or break the sale!

The newest click ecover action script technology is easy and simple, you could create ecover just like professional. Whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, Click e-Cover is eBook cover software that works directly in Photoshop

Even if you're just a beginner these unique tools will let you to design 2d images into 3d images easily.


Developed by graphic designer experienced in graphic marketing. More than 70 action scripts that'll let you to create more!

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Why is having an ebook cover important?

A book or software that is delivered via the internet does not come binded in hardcover or in a box. This means the customer will not see or visualize anything when making the critical decision on whether or not they are going to purchase your product. When this is the case, how is the customer supposed to visualize the product or feel they are receiving something important? Would you be more inclined to purchase a product from a sales page with just text, or a sales page that had a professional, colorful design depicting your product?

An ebook cover provides this feeling for your customer and generates perceived value, thus creating a great first impression.


Images above using high-resolution 300 dpi of action scripts





There are many advantages of using Click e Cover, as online marketing:

You can save a lot of your time on design

You can save a lot of your money without hiring graphic designer
for your online campaign

You can rapidly increase your online sales profits

For designers; what value that you are gonna get?

With this software you can produce your ultimate original creation

You can add more creativity to your design and make your design services more unique than other designers

Create CDs, membership cards, magazine covers, e-books, multi-product presentations that entices others, and more

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Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this ebook ecover software could easily sell for 450 of dollars. In fact if you asked a top graphic designers, like myself, to produce ebook cover software for you.

Let's do a quick comparison - the last time We checked a website for Ecover design, it would have easily set you back several thousand dollars. Or you could pay $47-$97 for ecover design But we'll not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price.

Frankly, none of these options really seemed fair to us. So we figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain….

Today the investment is only for $37 for 10 peoples only!

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