View Full Version : Can you guess where the SUPER SECRET SSWT Halloween link is?

October 23rd, 2009, 02:41 PM
I've only got 8 packages left of the My Very Own Mail Halloween packs - and very few days to take your order!

You have to be quick!:eek:

Now here's the cool part - I made a SUPER SPECIAL, SUPER SECRET SSWT link on this page:

Halloween Crafts and Goodies (http://myveryownmail.com/halloween-crafts-and-goodies)

Can you guess where it is? ==> It is the smiley on the tippy top left of the page!

You will only pay $10 + shipping! ==> Normal price is $11.97

Don't you love secrets? Now hurry up - I don't want to mail past Monday!