View Full Version : Green Niche Web Site $200

August 21st, 2010, 02:03 PM
Morning all!

I have a neglected blog at Sage & Sassy (http://www.sageandsassy.com/) in the green living niche... geared towards women mostly... that I want to sell.

Up until this morning it had a really ugly theme that I slapped up there and I have added content sporadically and not touched it for quite awhile. It is an aged domain, registered August of 2006. It has a PR1. The content is a mix of that written by me and PLR.

I polished it up pretty this morning with a customized premium theme, $79.95 value. It uses widgets and has the latest version of Wordpress. The header value is $30. It used to make a small bit of money ($10-15 a month) with Adsense but hasn't made more than a couple bucks in many months. I added some more Adsense units and also some affiliate banners, Amazon and Shareasale. They can be swapped out for your own very easily.

The buyer would need to move the site but will be given FTP and hosting panel access.

Will entertain offers. Email me at diapermamama @ gmail dot com