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April 17th, 2011, 10:58 AM
Premium quality Squidoo lens creation service - Fully SEO'd & Affordable

I will be offering premium quality Squidoo lens creation services at rock-bottom prices!

This is what I will provide:

* Keyword research & choosing a good URL on your behalf on Squidoo (or you may stipulate one)

* Write one 100% unique copyscape passed article that will be a minimum of 300 words for your lens. The content article will be SEO'd for nice keyword density .

* I will add 2 images that you provide or 2 from a free service

* 3 content modules and 2 extra modules (eBay, Amazon, Guestbook etc.) to provide communication between you and your visitors

What can you expect?

* Get indexed quickly
* Dominate long tail keywords
* Natural and consistent traffic from search engines
* Drive quality traffic to your sites

Consider Some Of The Potential benefits of Squidoo?

1.Squidoo lenses get indexed very fast. It's not at all unusual
to create a lens and discover it in Google search returns in forty-eight

2.Search Engines Love Squidoo. Most lenses will climb to the top of
the results for their keywords (considering that the lens is made

3.Get rankings on non-competitive terms

4.Affiliate links are allowed

The price right now (for this special only) is $20 a lens for a limited time.

Turn around time will depend on the number of orders but should be fairly quick ( 3-4 days) and if you need to know before you order, just ask. PM me.

The lens can be paid for through paypal........paypal email address is crichardson@mchsi.com

If you have any questions I'll be happy to try to answer them or provide links to sample lenses I have created.

Gail J Richardson :)