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Lynn Terry
May 15th, 2011, 07:33 PM
I have a new free guide for you today, authored by online business veteran Alice Seba. The guide is short and easy to read, and on a very important topic:

"15 Things You Should Know about Your Target Market to Immediately Boost Your Sales" (http://contentrix.com/students/go.php?r=403&i=l26)

^ That is a direct link to the download page. You'll see the download link at the very top there.

I'm off to give it a quick read myself. I just finished another great guide that I *really* loved. It's specifically for bloggers, and one I think ALL bloggers should read to learn about Email Engagement in 2011. There's so much more to consider now (social media, mobile users, etc) than what the traditional "gurus" will teach you about list building.

You can see my thoughts on it, and a sneak peek at the contents, on my blog:


It's under 10 bucks with the coupon code. WELL worth it! :)

Enjoy the free guide from Alice, and this one too if you download it.

Lynn Terry

p.s. If you're in a hurry, the direct link to List Building For Bloggers is: http://www.listbuildingforblogs.com (http://www.listbuildingforblogs.com/) The coupon code is only good for another week, so check that out at your earliest convenience! ;-)