View Full Version : NAMS Recordings Are Now Available!

Lynn Terry
August 23rd, 2011, 05:42 PM
I just returned from Atlanta late last night, after attending the NAMS 6 event there all weekend. It is one of my *favorite* events because it's a hands-on workshop - and draws such a great crowd. :-)

I shared details about the event here:


I taught 3 sessions while I was there. The first was a detailed Case Study on niche affiliate marketing. I also taught on Content Optimization and Social Search.

If you would like to get the recordings, be sure to use the code "IWASTHERE" to get ALL of the NAMS sessions (including my 3 sessions) for only $77:


Note: That coupon code and price is good until Friday at 5pm Eastern only

The case study I taught is the same one we are discussing in the Private Brainstorming Group. That case study will continue on there as the site continues to grow in traffic & revenue.

Elite Members will also get a multi-media replay of my NAMS presentation, and a PDF download of the entire case study as well. That should be available in the Private Brainstorming section of the forum in the next week or so.

If you're not an Elite Member and would like to join the private group, simply log in first and then go to:


It's great to be back in my office! I'm off to catch up with all the threads in the forum, and see what you guys have been up to this past week! :)