View Full Version : Native English Speaker To Write Blog Posts & Facebook Updates For Dog Lovers' Website

June 27th, 2012, 06:36 PM
I am looking for a writer who loves dogs and wants to be an ongoing member of my team at http://www.thegoldenretrieverdog.com.

Topics will include interesting facts about golden retrievers, choosing a dog, personality traits and quirks, basic obedience, feeding, common health problems, caring for dogs and any other relevant topics (including topical news), such as protecting your dog during fireworks or finding someone to look after your dog when you are on holiday.

The site is intended to be an authority website for dog owners but it should also be a fun place where golden retriever owners will want to hang out and share their love of this awesome breed so the articles need to be written in a friendly easy-to-read manner that encourages participation.

You must have a passion for dogs and experience with owning a dog. You must have first hand experience with golden retrievers (so you know their quirks) and with obedience training.

You don't need to have a medical or health background but you do need to be able to research and write knowledgeably about common health issues that affect dogs.

• Write and post 5 blog posts per week of 500-600 words to Wordpress blog
• Write and post 3 shorter posts each week (e.g. YouTube video, funny image, linking and commenting on dog related news)
• Manually link to each blog post in FaceBook and write a comment
• Moderate comments on FaceBook and website
• Respond to comments on FaceBook and website (engage in conversations)
• 4 fresh status updates each week on the FaceBook page e.g. asking a question, sharing an image, commenting on news, etc
• Share photos or news on facebook from subscribed facebook pages

You do not need to be a professional writer, but you do need to have a strong command of the English language and basic grammar skills and have some experience with blogging and social media.

Other requirements:

• Strong writing skills and previous blogging experience
• A creative and original thinker; somebody that can come up with fresh new ideas and write original interesting articles
• A writer who is interested in engaging with our readers by replying to comments and interacting on Facebook, twitter and other social media channels.
• Working knowledge of posting to Wordpress i.e. posting, inserting links and images, etc
• Knowledge of and passion for golden retriever dogs
• Know the difference between your and you're, its and it's, there and their and other basic grammar
• Basic photo editing e.g. crop and resize photos

We are prepared to offer a writing credit for the articles on our website if you become a permanent member of our team. You will receive attribution for your posts but full copyright in the articles will be owned by the site owners of the Golden Retriever website to use in any form in perpetuity.

What we offer:

• Your own column on a topic that you are passionate about
• Your name, photograph and attribution on our website
• Performance related bonuses and/or revenue share will be considered after a successful trial
• The opportunity to contribute your own ideas
• The opportunity to become the editor of the website after a successful trial
• We have multiple blogs and you will be considered for other writing opportunities as they arise

Send me a PM...

Please provide at least two sample posts/articles on any subject. I will be looking for articles written in a friendly engaging manner that clearly explain the topic.

Include any personal information or professional qualifications that demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about dogs and passionate about golden retrievers.

Payment will be a fixed weekly payment. Please include your quote and confirm that you are able to receive payment via PayPal.

As this is a new website we will probably tweak things after a few weeks and we can review payment at this time if we are both happy with the arrangement.