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July 26th, 2012, 03:47 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am in the middle of launching a new tutorial course (video tutorials) called The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness 2: Pro Recording With Reaper. As the name implies, the course is for those who don't have much (or any) audio recording experience.

If you narrate your own videos, do podcasts, are a musician or voice-over actor - you'll love this course. It teaches all the basics of audio recording using the incredible (and incredibly priced!) audio recording software called Reaper, which you can download quickly and easily (for PC AND Mac!).

Here's what you get:

Lesson 1 - Recording "Level-Up": USB Mic and Reaper Software
Lesson 2 - Your 1st Recording With the Upgraded Studio (Voice-Over w/Music)
Lesson 3 - Producing (Mixing and Rendering) Your First Recording
Lesson 4 - Voice-Over Recording Tips: Split 1 Audio Item Into Many - Auto Trim/Split
Lesson 5 - Voice-Over Recording Tips: Quickly Reposition & Align Multiple Audio Items
Lesson 6 - Voice-Over Recording Tips: Multiple Voices/Conversation
Lesson 7 - Saving one file as lots of Little Files with Their Own File Name
Lesson 8 - Multi-Track Recording: The "Killer App" Of Computer Recording
Lesson 9 - Multi-Track Recording: Singing Harmony With Yourself (or Others)
Lesson 10 - Multi-Track Recording: Vocal Doubling
Lesson 11 - Intro To MIDI: The Magic Music Helper (3 part lesson)
Lesson 12 - Loops
Lesson 13 - EQ and Frequency
Lesson 14 - Recording a Pop Song: The "My Eyes" Tutorial

You get 18 videos and pdf transcriptions of each.

The regular price is $47 (a 1-time payment). But Clicknewz members get 25% off (that makes it $35.25)!

See the details and "video tour" of the course on this page: http://www.homebrewaudio.co/NewbiesGuide2/?dc=CLICKNEWZ