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Layla D. Smith
August 31st, 2009, 08:52 PM
Hi, everybody!
I put up a post earlier re: converting from blogger to wordpress. Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback. Well, I never did convert, because I've been trying to get all my sites tied in, etc. with each other.

you see, my goal is multiple income streams. which, of course, everyone should, in my opinion anyway.

so, I have three "businesses" that I'm working on currently. But, I'm having difficulty focusing on the steps to get them set up. I've been working on them for two weeks now, and it's making me insane....

Here's my status currently.

I have 3 websites, 3 blogs, 3 fanpages, 3 twitter accounts.

I've linked them, when I blog, it tweets, then updates the fanpage on Facebook. I'm also in the process of signing up for affiliate accounts when I find something that is a good match for my sites.

Now, I am having a HUGE problem focusing & deciding "what to do next?"

Here are my sites:

http://www.yourwebmage.com (this one isn't done, this is my hubby's, he put up for building websites, but the social networking hasn't been added yet)

And, now, my goal is to do a newsletter, and blog for each. The connections are there (twitter, blog, FB), but I need to set up a way to start getting subscribers for my newsletter, first, I'm guessing?

Then, I'll add my affiliate links (as appropriate) to my blog & newsletters. I'll also use my newsletter and blog to give out information. The Qivana stuff will be re: diet & health info. The SN will be SN tips, etc. And, the wedding planning, right now, I'm actually a planner, but I'm hoping to get away from it, so we'll see what direction that goes.

Does anyone want to help me focus on just one step so I can get everything in place? The problem is that I jumped into all of this stuff, and tried to get it all rolling at once, before any one was ready to go & rolling....so, I have three that are partially done!! Argh.

Kinda P.S. what email service do you use? I use MyEmma for my wedding planning, but it doesn't appear that I can do more than one business through it, I need to have multiple sign up html codes & direct them appropriately to the correct list, but I don't see how in MyEmma to do that...so I may be shopping for a new one also.

I can't figure out how to separate my lists....hopefully, someone will be there tomorrow when I call to let me know if it can be done.

Thanks! for reading my extremely long post. Please feel free to say anything at all! I don't offend easily, thank you again!!


August 31st, 2009, 10:13 PM
My first suggestion is to pick one niche and follow that through to profit (Lynn always recommends that!). You have way too much going on and I guarantee that is the reason why you're not finding success. I'm only being honest because I was there!

As for my list, I use Aweber (http://angienewton.aweber.com).

Once you decide on a focus, let us know and we can help you step by step. I would go ahead and start a new thread once you do.

Layla D. Smith
August 31st, 2009, 10:24 PM
Okay, so does Aweber allow you to have more than one? I have in MyEmma custom stationery with my newsletter, my logo, etc. They actually designed it to my specs. I know any of them will do that, but then, am I going to run into the same problem, when I need another one to do? Or, can you manage multiple newsletter signups in one account with aweber?

Lynn Terry
August 31st, 2009, 11:40 PM
You can set up unlimited mailing lists, autoresponders & blog broadcasts with the one Aweber account. They are the best in the industry so that's the best place to start.

As Angie said, I always say - pick one thing, and go from start to profit. Once you have it up & running, and completely automated, start on the next project. You'll learn so much from the first profitable business model that it will make 2 & 3 (etc) much quicker & easier.