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About Pam Hollows
I’m very pleased to be here and my real name is Pamela Hollows. I like the imagery of my username greenhollows, but now I wish I had put my real name like everyone else.
I've been learning about internet marketing for over 4 years and spent well over $20,000. through joining a few expensive training programmes and buying masses of smaller information products and software promising to build an empire with very little work involved. Why does it always seem so achievable at the time? I guess I’m just gullible and enjoy a good story with all the right hooks and bait to pull me on board.
There was Greg and Mage Monster that created sites full of thousands of links and advertisements for products from Amazon, Commission Junction, Click Bank etc, He promised he would be around for the long term and that the forum would be active. He laughed about Panda updates and sounded very convincing,”he would be able to outsmart Google and we had nothing to worry about”. Once the three monthly payments were over he became allusive and the person appointed to help members also drifted away. There are still members offering to assist others for a monthly fee, even though there are many reports in the forum of having their hundreds of sites de-indexed. I can hardly believe it now, but out of desperation I paid a financial planner from the forum a lot of money to build me a thousand sites full of skim links products. I wasn’t aware Google was beginning to Panda regularly, but just when I was expected to make another monthly payment of thousands of dollars to keep my sites operating, I fortunately came across an article by Google’s Manager announcing many thousands of sites had just been de-indexed. I quickly went to my traffic monitor and found all my sites at the bottom of the graph and I declined to make another payment. I then had the task of deleting all the sites to stop them from auto renewing.
Since then I've tried Empower Network, Steve and Aidan Booth from Trinity Code for $3,000. for their Crowd Force software and training. The software finds relevant social sites to manually make posts and create links to. They assured us that it wouldn't be available to anyone outside o the group for a long time and it would be very pricey if/when that ever happened. Well, straight after the three month course finished, they began another membership site with a $97 monthly membership with access to Crowd Force. I still have the software and joined their new group for one month to see what support there was and felt quite betrayed. I left them and came here because it feels more genuine.
On the up side I've picked up a few things on the way. They haven't made me rich in my pyjamas, but they have been useful and personally satisfying. I made a word press site about Cyber Bullying for a health promotion I'm involved with and I have been able to update the site for the arts village that I manage
I also do admin for Awa Transmedia Studio producing positive social media messages for youth, families, Maori and Pacific Islanders using the talents of our team members: Tipene Harmer, a Maori rapper, and Hayley, a film school graduate.
I enjoy working on my sites and and learning more about my latest one:
Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Baha'i Faith, art, community development and internet marketing
Arts Village Manager


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