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    Point well taken. Maybe I should ask this...

    Point well taken. Maybe I should ask this question. Instead of blog commenting software,
    is there an execellent blog finding software? I know I can just google blog finding software or blogs and my...
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    What is the best blog commenting software?

    I want to try blog commenting as another way of getting targeted traffic. I'm now using PPC with Yahoo Search and I'm doubling my investment in about 6-8 days.

    PPC is paying off so now if I can...
  3. Co-Registration List Building Help Please

    Have a few questions.


    I have been getting sales from people joining my newsletter since we offer a OTO at almost 50% discount. I'm seeking tried and true ways to build my list. I now have...
  4. Looking to buy technology solo ad spots please

    Looking to buy solo ad spots on your list. I am looking for REAL lists to send computer related Solo ads. I'm tried such providers as rent-A-list and Vector Central with no results.

    If you have a...
  5. Changing website background. How's it done?

    Hi Lynn and all Web Design Gurus,

    I want to change the look of my site by changing the background
    color from white to dark blue or black. Two questions. Should I do
    this? I have not updated my...
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    Wow, thanks for the quick replys. I have Open...

    Wow, thanks for the quick replys.

    I have Open Office and will rush to give it try now.
    Thanks again to ALL
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    PDF Files. How Can They Be Created?


    I want to create my own PDF files and want to add links to my sites
    on the Internet. I purchased PDF Creator 6 but it does not create
    hot links. I'm trying to reach their support.
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    Awesome, thanks for the help on Camtasia


    Thanks for the help on Camtasia. I'm going to try Camstudio first
    and download Camtasia's trial version.
    Thanks again to all
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    Camtasia Studio is pricey, Is It Worth It?


    Hi to Lynn and other web site gurus,


    I need to purchase a screen capture software to create videos that can
    be used on my cdroms? I've seen Camtasia but its $299.00 and want...
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