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  1. Blog or fairly static site

    Hi Russell

    I just discovered this thread and your website today. This is extremely interesting. Congratulations on what you have achieved thus far!

    I was wondering if, once you're satisfied...
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    Html editor or

    Hi All,

    With all recommendations for using Blogging software, and especially going on in the forum on the one hand, and people still discussing which html editor to use (Dreamweaver,...
  3. Hi Lynn & Lisa, Many thanks for the useful...

    Hi Lynn & Lisa,

    Many thanks for the useful feedback. This certainly gives me options to start working on.
    My first action is to look deeper into PayPal.

    Lisa, you mentioned that you can link...
  4. Taking payments but based abroad is what holds me back

    As an aspiring Internet Marketer based outside of the US, my issue is probably quite common to non-US marketers. I’m really a newbie in terms of starting an online business, and essentially I’m...
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    Hello Traci, Many thanks for your...

    Hello Traci,

    Many thanks for your clarifications. I have to admit that I have not used Wordpress yet so it sounds indeed like it is fairly easy to use.

    Lynn did however refer to a specific...
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    Static Blogging to create affiliate site

    Lynn, All,

    Way back in October 2007 Lynn published this article on “Easily Create Niche Web 2.0 Affiliate Sites” on SSWT. The solution referred to in that article for creating affiliate sites...
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