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    Ebay shop - Best ways to promote it please!


    I wonder if anyone has any experience in doing SEO for an Ebay shop. What works best? Writing articles, youtube videos, etc...

    Thanks for your replies:)
  2. What have you spent money on


    My definition of "fancy products" are products that claim to make someone rich "overnight or in a very short time". You are an elite member so I am sure that you are lot more experienced...
  3. Question on Ezine article

    No specific question. The information I have received might be useful to a newbie/beginner:)
  4. Thread: Newbie Here

    by nickitta

    Hello and welcome on board

    Hello and welcome on board!

    Have you already got some experience in Internet Marketing or are you a complete "newbie":)
  5. Article marketing - Update on this tread


    I just want to post an update on this thread.

    An "experienced and successful" internet marketer has recommended that I do the following:

    - Post on my blog first
    - Post on Ezine
  6. Please Review my Squeeze page - feedback from experienced marketers


    I have a new squeeze page and would like feedback from experienced marketer please (check signature link)

    - Do you find the title appealing?
    - Does it get the message across?
    - Is it...
  7. How much have you spent so far

    I agree with that. This is the best thing for newbies to do - getting internet marketing skills is a must to comprehend how the system works!:D
  8. What have you spent money on


    Although Internet Marketing is a lot cheaper compared to any other businesses, I still think that it needs a minimum investment. Are you building a list?:)
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    Keyword research dilema


    I have done the 30 DC and also another wonderful course.... But although in both courses I was advised to follow a certain method for selecting keywords, I have come to realise that many...
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    ezine articles

    Thanks for your reply. Basically I am trying to send traffic to a squeeze page. (so I guess it needs to be targeted traffic). OK. so you are recommending to only stick to Ezine articles.
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    Ezine articles guru need your help please


    I have decided for the time being to focus on ezine articles to get traffic.

    I would like advice from experienced marketers (as there are so many conflicting advice) on the following:
  12. cost of internet marketing

    One of the major advantages of internet marketing is how inexpensive it is compared to an offline business. However it is not FREE. Sooner or later you will have to "invest" some money like for...
  13. Traffic exchange

    At this stage I am not familiar with traffic exchange. The 2 methods I am currently using are blog commenting and article marketing.:)

    Can you tell me a bit more about traffic exchange. How does...
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    Sticky: forum

    This forum is well-designed and has tons of information. This is an excellent place for newbies to start gaining invaluable information. Just by reading the threads (on a daily basis) I have started...
  15. first step into IM

    [QUOTE=stephenxanders;56198]The first step will always be "KNOWING WHAT BUSINESS YOU WANTED and which NICHE you are targeting". It's quite easy to create a squeeze page however what's important is...
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    OMIGLI - Any success with it?


    I have read on one of the thread that OMIGLI was a good method to drive traffic. I have used it for a few days and I think it just does not work for me. There seems to be a lot of old...
  17. Sticky: Poll: My goal in Internet Marketing

    My goal is to make £1,000 a month. That's the sum that will set me free from having to do a 9-5 job. Is it achievable? I hope so!:):)
  18. travis traffic

    How does this work. Does it help you to monitor traffic?
  19. Scrapebox URL checker is FREE. I use it to check...

    Scrapebox URL checker is FREE. I use it to check if I have obtained backlinks. Very useful.:)
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    Biggest obstacle

    My biggest obstacle is time. Although I have taken the easy option and chosen a program where everything is already setup (all I need to do is generate traffic), I am still working on time...
  21. Sticky: Poll: You have to make it happen:) There are lots of...

    You have to make it happen:) There are lots of opportunities around. Just grab one and stick with it!:)
  22. In this thread we are talking ONLY about Internet...

    In this thread we are talking ONLY about Internet Marketing....:confused::confused:
  23. Newbies/beginners:What have you spent money on so far

    I am a newbie and I would be interested to know what you have purchased so far. I tend to concentrate on freebies and keep away from “fancy products”. So far I have bought the following:
  24. How are you doing?

    How are you doing?

    Traffic is the lifeline of Internet Marketing. Setting-up the website is the easy part. I am sticking to traffic methods that I enjoy and have dropped the ones that were too...
  25. congrats on making some money

    Thanks:) Much appreciated.
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