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Thread: Input sought on possible goldmine keyword phrase I found...

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    Thanks for the input Lynn. I kinda disappeared as I got involved in a discussion at the warriorforum on this issue.


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    Cool - care to share the link? I'd be interested to read it as well.
    Lynn Terry
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    Absolutely Lynn. I really, really appreciate your willingness to allow posting of links to other places...even other forums which could be said to be competing with yours.

    That is right swell of you and very refreshing compared to most forums I participate in. And it makes total sense to allow such links if they are relevant to a discussion and not just a spammers attempt to get attention to their web site.

    Here's the link....

    Please don't take anything I said there as an indication that I was ignoring what you said to me here Lynn. I question everything as a natural part of my personality no matter who says it and I like to get input from as many people as might be knowledgeable on something as I can. I still don't have SEO all figured out. Maybe I never will.

    I did read Dan Thies stuff again by the way. It's real good and a valuable resource but in the middle he starts to get a bit technical and dry and it makes for some laborious reading a bit in some parts. So I didn't read all the way through it this time around.

    Having discussed all this and read various SEO resources again I think I will...

    1. Write more quality content for my site and flesh out a series of lessons (an e-class if you will) on how to quickly create web sites without even using Wordpress.

    2. Make sure I start using the title tag and giving my pages actual titles in the code (in addition to giving them a title for appearances sake).

    3. Focus a page more on the phrases that are bringing me visitors if I can do so without altering the gist of what a page says. People are starting to find my site through various phrases that I have not thought about.

    4. Start using H1,H2,H3 tags instead of just P's, and DIV's to line up more with what a search engine might read as being important on a page.

    5. Start looking for blogs that actually talk about web development issues and start posting comments on those blogs and/or find blogs that might have readers that might need web development work done and start posting there. Both to get some higher quality inbound links and to assertively generate some targetted traffic without waiting on the search engines.

    6. Flesh out my joint venture idea of making e-lessons avaiable for an internet marketer to include freely in their newsletters and such as a way of getting more traffic to my site. Again...without waiting on the search engines.

    I think the above steps is what I am going to focus on as my SEO strategy.


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    It's a moot point. You've wasted a lot of time that you could have spent finishing SEO Fast Start and actually optimizing your site for keyword phrases that get searched.

    The phrase "web development copyright issues" gets zero searches.

    That is why it is easy for you to get a top 10 ranking.

    You mentioned (in the WF thread) that you outrank this page for that same phrase:

    That page is not optimized for the phrase you referred to, for starters.

    Your page has part of the search term in the title tag. And you linked to it using that anchor text.

    Go to Yahoo Site Explorer and see if ANY of their inbound links use even part of that 4-word phrase as the anchor text:

    There's your answer.

    SEO is simple. Write the page. Do your basic on-page optimization for a relevant keyword phrase that gets searched. Get inbound links (internal and inbound) that use that phrase as the anchor text for the hyperlink. Period.

    If I have 100 links that point to my page that all say "click here". And you have 5 links that all say "keyword phrase" - your page would outrank mine.
    Lynn Terry
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    Even if I have spent a bit of time on these SEO issues and a forum discussion Lynn...I don't consider it a waste of time. Not at all.

    I mean even if it has all come back to my need to apply the basics of SEO that you talk of isn't that the way we all learn sometimes? Where we beat around the bush and try or discuss all kinds of things that don't work until we come around to discovering or re-discovering what does?

    What you say does make sense Lynn and I appreciate your willingness to share it with me.

    My biggest problem right now is not trying to determine what works or does not work SEO wise. It's having to determine what to focus on with the limited time I have available in my life.

    I would like to start imitating the blueprint of a John at warriorforum who talked openly about how he makes $300 per day from Adsense sites he puts up. I am involved in a major project for a client of mine. I am involved in church related activities. I would like to ad more content to my web site. I would like to participate more in blogs related to my area of expertise. I would like to flesh out the joint venture idea that some of us discussed on one of threads here. I got a thousand and one things going on or good things I could be doing but haven't started doing yet and find myself unable to do it all as much as I would like to.

    That's my biggest problem Lynn. Determining what would be best to focus on doing and then finding the time to do it.

    And of course all along I have to continue making real money in the here and now to put food on the table.

    It's a bit overwhelming sometimes.


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    It is a bit overwhelming. And I understand your lack of time. I'm a single mother of two teenagers with a life - and a home to manage. That's the reason I try to help people avoid time-sucks like this and get on the fast path to doing things correctly and easily.
    Lynn Terry
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    Thanks very much for your valuable input Ray. Much, much appreciated.

    I was so busy today that I didn't hardly have a chance to get back to this thread until now.

    I did some additional keyword research and decided against the "goldmine" phrase I initially found. I went with another one that was less competitive though still quite tough to rank for.

    My client is just in a field that is super competitive.

    We'll see how he does in the long run.



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