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Thread: Input sought on possible goldmine keyword phrase I found...

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    Default Input sought on possible goldmine keyword phrase I found...

    Hi everyone,

    I posted this on another forum that some of you undoubtedly belong to but I wanted to get input on this here too.

    I have been researching keywords with a view to creating a site to capture search engine traffic.

    All well and good but I am wondering if someone can give me input to give me some reassurance that I am on the right track with what appears to be a keyword phrase goldmine.

    I do know a fair bit about SEO related topics (mainly that it's mostly hype LOL) but I can certainly learn more.

    While I won't give away the goldmine that I seem to have found here is the gist of it (assuming I did indeed find a goldmine keyword phrase and am not just dreaming LOL).

    The keyword phrase is like "air mattress deals" or some such. This keyword phrase is searched for about 50,000 per month through Google (according to Google's keyword tool). The number of sites that are serving this keyword phrase is 209,000 (again in Google).

    Now the thing is that the top ten sites that show up of those 209,000 seem to be easily beatable. What I mean is that all they have on their pages is a list of items and prices and little in the way of real content.

    Correct me if I am wrong but it seems to me that if I (assume I am selling air mattresses) build a site that contains advice on air mattresses. What they are, how to pick a good one, how to get deals on them, whatever...that my site will outrank these other sites that do little more than just list prices and model names.

    In other words my site will have content. Valuable content. Not just a bunch of prices and model numbers with little blurps under the model names.

    Does this sound like a winning strategy to beat those in the top spot for this phrase? I mean to build a content site on air mattresses that has a lot more indexable content than the sites that are presently at the top have?

    What do you all think? Am I on the right track?

    Any and all input would be appreciated.



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    Hi Carlos,

    Analyze their backlinks. Go to each result in the top 10, take the exact URL of each page that ranks on that first page, and look at how many backlinks there are pointing to that page. THAT will tell you what it will take to outrank them.

    To analyze the backlinks, go to, and type the link: command in the search bar.

    Like this: "link:" - without quotes, and using the full URL of the top ranking page.

    You have to have more backlinks, or better backlinks, to beat them in the SERPs. Period.
    Lynn Terry
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    p.s. I once got a BLANK PAGE ranked #1 in Google.
    Lynn Terry
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    That's impressive Lynn!

    And downright funny LOL.


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    What you said about backlinks may kill this keyword phrase Lynn.

    Each of the top 3 has over 500 inbound links. There is no way I will come even close there.

    The only unusual thing is that most of the backlinks are not directly related to the search phrase I spoke about in my OP.

    The sites in question have listings of deals for all kinds of things and not just for what I am targetting. The backlinks reported by Yahoo are for backlinks to all manner of items for sale at the site and not just for what I am targetting.

    Any chance that I could still compete here?


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    I don't understand something.

    Take the phrase "web developers copyright issues".

    I rank at position 19 with only 2 inbound links (both mine). The page is http://www.carlosgonzalezconsulting....pyright-issues

    Sitepoint wrote an article on this issue that has 28 inbound links but they are ranked at 30 on the same search results page. Here's their page:

    The Sitepoint site has inbound links from outside it's own domain though most are internal pages linking to it's own pages just like my two inbound links are.

    If inbound links are so important how is it that my page ranks that much higher than Sitepoints with 1/10th the inbound links than Sitepoint (a much bigger and more respected site than me)??

    My site has zero inbound links from outside of my own domain. It's not SEO optimized at all in any way shape or form at least intentionally by me (though unintentionally I might have done some things that were SEO good).

    Any insight on this? I mean how can my site rank higher than the Sitepoint page on the same essential subject?

    I am not ignoring what anyone has said to me here. I just don't understand and am trying to wrap my head around this better.

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