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Thread: My return and an idea

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    Default My return and an idea

    Hey all,

    I was active here a while back in the elite group where I was in the beginning stages of trying to put together some sort of affiliate website.

    I ended up getting busy as well as losing my steam for the project due to not being able to think of things to say and post on my subjects. It just didn't hold my interest.

    Recently, I've come up with an idea that I think might hold my interest but I'm not sure about the potential for making money from it.

    A few weeks ago my family and I went on our first family vacation in nearly 6 years. We went to Newport Rhode Island and had a wonderful time seeing the sights, taking in the history, lazing about on the beach, etc etc. .

    That all being said, we spent entirely too much money. And I got thinking about how we could have done things differently and could have saved hundreds of dollars. (I promise, I'm getting to a point.)

    I came up with an idea for a website that has a few different and yet connected purposes. It would talk about the places that I travel too and highlight the great things to see and do, local historical interest points, and most importantly, how one can do things here affordably.

    For instance it would list local campgrounds and hotels that are reasonable, where to eat without spending $30 - $40 per meal, and other things of that nature.

    Am I just enamored with my own idea or is there a potential to make a profit on this kind of site?

    As always I appreciate any and all advice I can get!

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    Total potential! Lots of great opportunities with travel sites and coupon/deal sites so combining it would be great.

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    Hey Angie! Great to 'see' you again!

    I'm glad to hear that you think there is potential in my site!

    At the moment I'm calling it 'Traveling Paupers' and I'm in the process of writing up my sections on Rhode Island as well as my hometown area.

    Please feel free to give any and all thoughts you guys might have!
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    I've just been thinking and one serious fear I have is that I only have a few places to write about so far.

    All the places are up here in the New England area and therefore wouldn't my target audience be pretty small? People that happen to want to go to Rhode Island or what not?

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    What I plan to do for my travel site is to just research and write about places. We don't necessarily have to visit them. But also having a tighter niche like yours gives you potential for future advertising opportunities. What else is near Rhode Island? I'm not real good with geography lol but it's near a lot of big travel spots like Hyannis and Hampton's right? You could incorporate stuff about the big names that travel there. Islands, NY, PA or am I way off?

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    Well, Newport RI itself is a very big travel spot in itself. I'm not sure about Hyannis or Hampton.

    Around my home area I also have Lake George NY and Ticonderoga. Both of which are famous areas.

    So, if I get what you mean, I could just write about places that I do a bunch of research on and perhaps have a separate section for places that I have actually been myself?

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    Sure you could do that. I would go ahead and research domain names and then once you have that, grab your social media profiles. I'm thinking an overall travel domain like you mentioned above instead of one that focuses on a specific area. That leaves you open to really writing about anything to do with travel.

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    I think Angie's idea to not go too narrow for your niche is a good idea. And I like the angle of saving money a lot. I think people are always looking for ways to be able to either afford a vacation at all - or to afford a "better" one.

    Good luck!


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    Well, I never actually meant to stay narrowed into one specific area. Just that the main features would be the places that I actually travel too.

    But I guess that I could open it up to be more general but have an area that highlights the places that I have gone and would like to go to.

    I think I will start looking for the domain and such. What do you guys think of the name Traveling Paupers?

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    I actually like it


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