Yeah, the ever present questions: Who am I making this site for and what kind of experience am I planning to make for them?

First impression when I look at the site is SPAM.

Any health-related website that features Acai Berry and Creatine affiliate links immediately makes me leave. Sure, the berry is healthy and creatine is a useful supplement, but it takes away credibility from your site.

If your aim is to create a super useful/interesting blog that people will talk about and participate in then this is a bad start.

If you're not really looking to actively maintain and run a blog, but are solely looking to promote affiliate programs, then Acai Berries and Creatine supplements is probably not your best first targets as the competition for those products/keywords is fierce. But if you only objective is to get people to leave your site as soon as they land through an affiliate link then you don't need to worry about credibility.

Right now you're right smack in the middle of the dilemma: How soon, how often and how aggressively do I mix promotional content with my regular content.

I think we've all been in this situation - I know I have. This delicate balance between one one hand running a blog, newsletter or any other type of publication where people gather because of the service you are providing through your content or interaction with your audience and on the other hand trying to sell them stuff.

Personally I've found it much easier to make recommendations for products I've been using myself than simply promoting affiliate links on sites where I have an actual interest in the topic.

For those of my sites that are made exclusively to sell something I've found that it suits me better to base them on products/topics that I have no real interest in. And these I don't consider blogs (despite being created using WP)

The great thing is that you've become aware of this before you started adding people to your list/newsletter.

You have some time now to decide what kind of website you want to run - and figure out how to set yourself apart from the hundreds/thousnds of other health and fitness blogs out there.