I know I can switch to text mode in the WP editor and manually add both anchor or links to anchors, but it kinda defeats the purpose of a CMS - if I just needed a plain HTML page I would just have used a regular HTML editor.

From the standard WP editor I can select from specific Posts or Pages when adding an internal link, but for some odd reason I'm left without an option to specify an anchor.

I've looked at the Ultimate TinyMCE Editor replacement and while I can add anchors from the menu I lack the ability to link to those anchors. When using the advanced link button from Ultimate TinyMCE I have the option of specifying an anchor, but I can no longer pick the URL from a list or drop-down.

Using one of the SEO plugins that automatically turns specific words into URL's to specific Post or Pages is not an option as I would like control of when I link.

The solution (plugin) I'm looking for will 1) allow me to pick a Page or Post from a list, and then subsequently let me select from anchors found on that Page or Post or 2) Maintain a list of predefined links (including anchors) and extent the editor to allow me to insert one of those links.

Anything using shortcodes to achieve this kind of linking is out of the question as my internal linking structure would depend on a plugin being continually updated to be compliant with whatever new direction WP decides to take.

Have any of you used a WP plugin that would suit my needs?