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Thread: How to set content font size and style in WP editor

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    Default How to set content font size and style in WP editor

    OK, it's a long question.
    But, seriously folks, how do you set the content font size and style in WP editor?
    I prefer Verdana size 12 (word processor number). The only sizes available on WP editor are the heading numbers.
    I have the html code for the style and size I want, but that seems like a waste of time entering that code all the time.
    I also like the font in Lynn's blog posts, but I don't see that in the editor either.
    I know I probably skipped school on the day this was all made clear, but I need to know before I can get on with my posting life.

    a hui hou

    Gene B

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    Hi Gene,

    Great question!

    You actually set your font style and size in the stylesheet.css file of your theme.

    For a detailed tutorial, see:

    Lynn Terry
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    Yes, Gene, WordPress uses CSS for setting styles and font characteristics and it can be confusing even for someone who's been using it for a long time. Unfortunately, the designations for styles are not standardized, so trying to figure out a stylesheet can be quite an ordeal sometimes. There are some high quality WP themes that allow you to set style characteristics from the WP backend, though. Most of them are purchased themes, but my current favorite is a free theme called Weaver II that not only lets you easily set font style and size, but pretty much everything else I need to change. Just type "weaver" in the WP themes "Add New" box and you can install it, if you like.


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