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Thread: Home Page ... or post?

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    Cool Home Page ... or post?

    Hi Lynn and all,
    I just had a new theme installed (Graphene). I don't think the top navigation bar is correct; the "home" is actually my most current post. The only "page" is my personal introduction to the site. That's all correctable, but I'm not certain about the best strategy for reader attraction, or better yet, reader stickiness.
    I notice on Lynn's blog the Home page is a wonderful story of her experience in the marketing business, followed by blog excerpts.
    I think her way is definitely best, because it offers the reader both posts and pages in one shot ... (dang,I think I just answered my own question), but in my case, I think my Home page would look kinda barren. I recently demoted most of my old posts to drafts for rework and possible demolition, so there's not much to show for posts or pages.

    Any help with this?

    a hui hou

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    Hi Gene,

    At both ClickNewz and my main page just shows recent posts. What you're seeing on ClickNewz as my personal story just happens to be my most recent post. It's best to let your recent posts show on the home page, and use Pages and Categories as navigation for other pages/content.

    You do have the option of creating a static main page (meaning a page on the Home Page instead of recent posts) but you would only do that if you had a single objective for new visitors - such as a sales page for example.

    Most visitors are going to come in on individual posts anyway, as they are optimized for more specific keyword phrases and promoted via social media.
    Lynn Terry
    Site Admin

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    Thanks, Lynn.


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