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Thread: Question About Elite Membership and Niche Success Blueprint

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    Default Question About Elite Membership and Niche Success Blueprint

    I want to either join the Elite Membership or purchase the Niche Success Blueprint this weekend. I read that all Elite members have access to the Niche Success Blueprint, but did the fee for the Elite Membership change to six months instead of monthly? I can only do the $37 per month right now, so if the cost of the Elite Membership changed to every six months, I will have to only do the Niche Success Blueprint. Either way, I'm excited, because I'm so tired of spinning my wheels. I start something and stop something. It has been a neverending cycle, and I'm ready to get something going that sticks. Thanks.

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    Hey there, welcome! I would recommend joining the elite group (you'll get the NSB as part of that AND you get access to Lynn's social media training product too). And yes the membership option was supposed to change but it looks like the $37/mo. is still up, see if you are able to access that

    Looking forward to brainstorming ideas!

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    Yay! It let me at $37 a month. Thank you for the help.

    Do I need to do anything else to have access to the Niche Success Blueprint and the social media training product? I can't seem to find where to access those. Thanks.

    NM. I found them.

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    Great! Welcome welcome glad you found them. And feel free to introduce yourself inside the membership section of the forum. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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    Hi Julie,

    Welcome! Glad you found the access links easily.

    I look forward to getting to know you & brainstorming with you on your goals. *cheers*

    - and yes, the monthly membership option is "officially closed" but if you're lucky enough to catch it open you are welcome to join at that rate! ;-)
    Lynn Terry
    Site Admin

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