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    I have heard this term alot since I have started researching IM. What constitutes a superaffiliate vs just a regular affiliate marketer. We all know that Lynn is both a super affiliate and a Superaffiliate but what does that really mean?

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    LOL - I hear that question a lot!

    There is no standard definition for Super Affiliate. The term is used to describe the top tier of affiliates in the earnings brackets. Some obvious indicators include making the leaderboard, winning prizes, incentives (higher commission rate), etc.

    A leaderboard usually lists the top 10, top 20, top 100 affiliates - depending on the program and the merchant.

    As a super affiliate I've received prizes based on # of sales, recognition, higher commissions - and of course, bigger checks

    I also get approached by affiliate managers, instead of the other way around. When I started out I applied to affiliate programs and worked through it just like anyone else. But once my numbers spoke for themselves I started getting exclusive offers to promote.

    I learned from the best:

    That link goes to my blog where you'll find two videos that give you a walk through of Ros' affiliate accounts.
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