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Thread: Leads, Leads, and More Leads: What are your favorite lead generation tips?

  1. Lightbulb Leads, Leads, and More Leads: What are your favorite lead generation tips?

    Leads are the lifeblood of any business-Without leads you are not in business...Period.

    Ultimate Goal: Have more leads that you have time

    Daily Affirmation: Everywhere I Go I Pick Up Leads.

    Here Are Some Lead Generating Tips:

    *Create a List- It is important who you know and it is
    equally important who your friends knows
    --Get Referrals

    *Have 3-7 lead sources; At least 3 offline and 3 online marketing lead generating strategies working simultaneously

    *Look for new and unique ways to advertise your

    *Advertise while you are out and about

    Treat Your Business Like A Million Dollar Business Tip:
    Create a marketing budget for your business
    and invest in paid advertising/marketing strategies.
    Consider reinvesting 5-10% profits from your business.

    What are some lead generation tips you would like to share

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    youtube is a great way to generate leads. A video a week with a link in the description and a quick mention of your site combined with a bit of value driven content does wonders.

    Kam (aka zerofatz)
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    We use photos and testimonials about our products and service. It is one of ways to generate lead.

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    Hi empower,

    Leads really are the lifeblood of any business, but I believe that getting leads is a lot different than attracting targeted buying traffic from 2 or 3 traffic sources that work for you and nobody else. Finding them can take time but it's a secret that the gurus hardly ever teach. Anybody with a lot of money can be a guru and most teach a formula but not their daily activities to get buying traffic.

    There is so much that has to be done before leads can be effective to where you get long term business. I believe leads are not the problem, the problem is that when somebody gets to a site is the problem. Having the expert level components to provide value to others and lead them to bigger solutions is effective but takes time so many people are not willing to do. The internet has this idea that anybody can make big income online without doing anything and that's not true for most.

    So they sell leads or any part of the marketing process. Hardly anybody will show others how they really do it. They just sell a formula that is missing all the daily activity. But to generate leads, I believe people do have to find 2 or 3 traffic sources that they can easily dominate and build them out. Not good for anybody to try working on many traffic sources but yes leads are an important part of business but the leads have to be found by the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have to know where that niche demographic hangs out. I would rather have 10 leads that buy every month than 100 that waste my time and dont appreciate the value I try to bring. I would rather over deliver to those leads that want to know more about what I teach. Hope you are having a wonderful day and have a great week!~

    Rick Salas
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    I generally think in terms of the sales funnel, with the hierarchy something like this depending on the business, starting from the top of the funnel:

    Clients/Repeat Customers

    In the case of retail affiliates the lines are more ambiguous, but the general principal holds.

    Traffic is just that - eyeballs.

    Leads are pre-qualified eyeballs or targeted traffic that perhaps take some minimal interaction, such as bookmarking your site, favoriting a tweet, following you or re-pinning a pin on Pinterest. They have interest and have minimally engaged, but have no skin in the game.

    Prospects, on the other hand, have joined your list or public forum, filled out a contact form or requested a free download, or taken some other action to start at least a minimal relationship. I consider joining a Facebook page is somewhat in between a Lead and Prospect; however someone who joins your Facebook group is definitely a prospect. Retail affiliate marketing is a bit more transitory, but if the merchant has a nice long cookie length I'd consider someone a prospect if they clicked on your affiliate link, even if the intention isn't to create a relationship, simply because the next step is for them to become a customer (unfortunately, the merchant's but at least you get the sale )

    Back to LEADS - Over the past few years, I've found that a well thought out Pinterest or Twitter strategy can be an excellent source of leads. I've been using the same Twitter strategy since 2010 across a wide variety of niches and am still pleased with the results*. Less is more. Scheduling is key. I have found the Hootsuite auto-schedule feature to be very effective in posting at time that brings in followers, retweets and favorites. There also has to be at least some degree of interaction to make it work. Mass following and parrot posting don't work; it can be very low maintenance but not autopilot. But hey, if you're doing it in a niche you love, it's loads of fun!

    Here is another Twitter strategy that is more time intensive but would work well for certain models : Twitter Case Study of a Commercial (non-big) Brand/

    *now if I could just get the rest of my act in gear ...

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    1)adswaps is a good way to get leads(safeswaos)
    2)soloads- i suggest to look up high trafficked blog owners and contact them to send to there list i did this and made 8k so it does work(niche makemoneyonlin)
    3)paid facebook ads
    4)offline marketing
    putting out flyers at your local community, shopping centers etc
    5) brochures- if you like to exercise put it in 100 mailboxes per week if you want to you can do it daily

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