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Thread: hi everybody, does anyone here have success running a membership site?

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    Default hi everybody, does anyone here have success running a membership site?

    Hey whats up everyone? Just wondering, is there anyone here running a successful membership site? If so what do you use to run it (i.e. paid membership pro, profitstheme ect.), and what kinds of obstacles have you faced? thanks in advance for your time and insight all!

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    man don't everyone speak up at once lol

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    I've been out sick for two straight weeks - nasty respiratory virus with a wicked case of bronchitis as a bonus. It's been a bit quiet here as a result. ;-)

    aMember is the most popular choice among my peers. I'm not using it personally, but it's not a model I'm a huge fan of - as it's a very active business model, and a lot to maintain. Said from years of experience, lol. A membership site definitely needs to be a "labor of love" as much as it's part of your overall business model.
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    Been away on vacation for 15 days. Sorry for the delay. I don't have a membership site but do use aMember for a client.

    I help manage membership sites though and as for obstacles I would say you would need to make sure you have good security, you'll need to be prepared to manage spam and all that fun stuff.

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    hey thanks ladies. I run a membership site and was just looking to compare notes and see what kind of obstacles other owners have faced. Appreciate you both


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    generally paid membership is like compromising on quality. Forum's main aim aim is healthy discussion, with signature for traffic. Might be high quality contributor are not happy with paid membership.


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