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Thread: Driving with Squidoo?

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    Default Driving with Squidoo?

    Hey whats up everybody? Anyone have any luck driving consistent traffic to their websites using Squidoo lenses?

    Kam (aka zerofatz)

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    Hey Kam, my name is Rick Salas

    I think that Squidoo is a great way to drive traffic but generating buying traffic is different than just driving traffic. Just driving traffic is usually a waste of time. With that being said, first of all, I had an email that it was going to become part of hubpages. The last I heard is that they streamlined all suqidoo lenses to their site.

    As far as getting traffic from Squidoo, I think it's best to find your top traffic sources (could be squidoo)as some traffic sources will probably be more profitable for you than others. You see, you can get targeted buyers from a site and no one else can make it work for them and the same for them, they can get targeted traffic of buyers from it and it just wont work for you.

    I believe if you find your best sites, forums or top blogs and narrow them down to the top 2 or 3, (nobody can effectively build out and master multiple traffic sources) and create an expert presence and not hold anything back, you can start seeing where and how you can dominate a traffic source. But Squidoo is just like any traffic source in my opinion.

    It's just another traffic source unless you can master and dominate that traffic source. I'm in the process of creating a list of new traffic sources that I can use if any one of my traffic sources are no longer effective because usually competitors find where you are and have more money to take over that source.

    Unless you provide more value or you have to have new traffic sources to pull out when this happens I believe the bigger sources like squidoo, have already been mastered by top marketers in your niche and they are probably all going over to hubpages. Places like this forum offer probably more traffic than hubpages for you, if you build it out right and find that it is on of 3 top traffic sources you found, then you can start using it all the time as one of your major traffic sources.

    Just a thought but just getting traffic is not effective, it just clogs up your email and your email provider wonders why you are sending so many emails with no response. They can think you are spam as where when you find traffic sources people want what you know and you get repeat buyers that stay happily on your list long term. And you generate more income from a few than you can with hundreds of make money seekers that want a quick solution.

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    Great advice, Rick.

    Personally, I steer clear from depending too heavily on any one source or method for traffic (etc) in my business. You definitely want a variety of traffic sources and revenue sources. And you'll want to test, test, test (!) to see what works best in your niche and with your audience. Then do more of what works, and less of what doesn't - given proper testing, of course.
    Lynn Terry
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    hey Rick, great advice man. Appreciate you brother.

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    Thanks Lynn, that's some good advise. I think i'm doing better at staying away from places that don't work, you know, some bigger places that were valuable to me but then so many people that come in and start spamming links and offering nothing of real value and no real communication going on. I saw your site and really like it. I see how you're out to really help people and have a passion for what you do. I really like this site and it's in my niche.

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    Thanks Kam, Glad it helped !


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