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Thread: Am I being too hard on myself? Feedback please!

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    Arrow Am I being too hard on myself? Feedback please!

    Hi all - I'm new to this forum but was a lurker at SSWT way back when. And I mean WAY back when.

    The long and short of my story is I hit a sudden bit of huge success a few years back, self-sabotaged, ended up homeless, lost everything because I wasn't online to protect my domain etc, and found myself rebuilding from scratch 6 years ago. The whole experience has been quite the pot shot to my confidence.

    Recently I figured I would give another shot at working for an agency but MAN what a mistake that was! They're still sleaze balls and probably forever will be, but they gave me a lot of ideas about how to position myself against them. Probably too many ideas.

    So I built and quickly realized I was trying to do too many things in one domain. So I closed that up and started just focusing on the content aspects. I literally just went into pre-launch yesterday, and I meant to go into full force promoting it today, but ended up second-guessing myself instead.

    What do you think? Is my "Get Content" page sucky? Be honest! I fully realize it probably does totally suck! But how can I get the same message across and make it better? Should that be my homepage instead of my blog directory?

    The eventual goal is to have just 3 pages linked at the top, "Get It" (a sales page -, "Got It" (the member's account and shopping area) and "Good" (the Good page currently there). The bottom navigation (not published now) will get you around the Articles Shop, as well as the Shop having a home in Got It.

    What should I do? How can I improve? (and yes I realize I should update the link to this forum in "Effective Content Promotion..." - I'll get to that next)

    Thanks in advance and blessings in all your endeavors!

    P.S. I've expressly omitted an explanation of what this site is about specifically to gauge whether you can tell what my site is about from the site's content itself. If you can't tell, let me know - maybe talking to you about it will help me frame it better.

    I'm too close. I understand what I'm doing too well. I usually write content as if I'm explaining it to myself or someone I know well so obviously that backfires when I'm trying to write about things that I do!

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    Hi Trisha Great to see you here!

    When I first clicked through, I had no idea what to expect by the domain name alone. When I landed on the page... I wasn't sure what it was about or what you were offering - or what to do next, even after scrolling all the way to the bottom.

    A lot of things on the page pull the eye, but I had to force myself to read the paragraph under "Modern Fire" (because that headline didn't make logical sense to me - either). After reading that, I got a sense that H2H was a play on B2B or B2C - yes? But I'm still not sure what to do.

    You need a strong intro, and a stronger call to action.
    Lynn Terry
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    Hi Lynn!! Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and reply!

    I agree the homepage is devoid of CTAs and very thorough explanations, but it's also intended as a landing page for people who know about the service or have been personally referred. For instance, "if you need great content you should check out..."

    Most of the time people will arrive at the site for the first time via blog post, like - you'll notice there is a CTA in every blog post toward the end.

    The closest thing I will get to a dedicated "landing page" is (I just published it a couple hours ago).

    And yes H2H is a kind of "play" on B2C and B2B, but it's actually part of a new movement in business. It's not something I've coined but it is something I intend on bringing to the dais as soon as I can figure out a good conference to bring it to. Might you have any suggestions on that too?

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    The landing page is better, but the header graphic takes up way too much above the fold when you first land on the page. Why not make the main page of your site the landing page? It should perform better that way vs having two pages - and especially for referrals, so as not to lose that trusted visitor.

    I didn't get your meaning on the last question - suggestions on what, specifically?
    Lynn Terry
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