Hey everybody. I’m Evan, the Marketing Manager at Guiding Metrics, a smaller, but well-established analytics dashboard company.

I definitely wanted to make sure to obey all spam regulations, so I contacted Lynn ahead of time to make sure it was okay to write the community. I’m posting this with her consent.

Before I continue, please know that I am not a corporation. I am just some guy.

Let me start by telling you a bit about who we are. Guiding Metrics is a smaller, but steadily growing brand. A couple of years ago, Dave Lavinsky custom-built an analytics dashboard for one of his businesses, Growthink. He showed it to a few friends, everybody wanted one of their own, and boom. Guiding Metrics was born.

Both Guiding Metrics and Growthink are founded upon Dave’s passion to help entrepreneurs grow their brands. Guiding Metrics has four core missions:

• To educate business owners, financial officers and marketers of the necessity and urgency to track their metrics

• To give these individuals complete visibility into their businesses, such that they have the clarity and insight to plug leaks and fix problems

• To save everyone an immeasurable amount of time and make us all more money

And on a cultural scale…

• To amplify the consumers’ voice and assist in expediting the current global transition from corporations dictating trends to individualism

We’re reaching out to the ClickNewz community because we’d like to be a resource for marketers and entrepreneurs who do not yet see tracking their metrics as imperative. Research from Aberdeen Group found companies tracking their metrics in dashboards to achieve double the profit growth, and triple the sales growth of those who don’t.

Check out this presentation Dave and I put together. It takes you through the 15 Most Critical Metrics for Entrepreneurs & Marketers. Is it the most fun and intriguing information known to man? No. No, it is not. But pay attention, because it could make you a fortune:

15 Most Critical Metrics for Entrepreneurs & Marketers

I wholeheartedly encourage questions, comments, and discussion. Both Dave and I will make ourselves available to anyone in need.