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    Question Backlinks

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and i want to get some knowledge on Quality link building. I am trying to build some links for my client. Are there some new steps to be done for Link Building. What i use to do is as Follow:

    Broken link building
    Link Reclamation
    Guest posting

    Are there some more activities to perform?

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    You want to be cautious about guest blogging as Google now insists on the nofollow link attribute.


    Set up topical social media accounts with relevant bios and descriptions that link back to the site. Those accounts need to be active as "Social Media Rank" counts.

    The best links are "good publicity". If you keep that in mind when link building, you'll do great!
    Lynn Terry
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    Hey Bowerweb Solutions.

    There are a ton of ways to get more links for your client. Jon Cooper at point blank SEO has one of the most extensive "white hat" link building "how-to" guides on the net.

    Definitely worth the read if you are looking for some more innovative ways to promote your clients website.

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    Share your link into High PR sites.

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    Yes there are ways to perform link building:
    1. Social bookmarking
    2. Forum commenting
    3. Guest blogging
    4. Create an RSS feed.

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    The best links are "good publicity".

    Go for PR, joint ventures, any activity that gets other people talking about you naturally (buzz).
    Lynn Terry
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    You'll need to think up link building and outreach campaigns for each client based on their target market.

    As with all of the link building tactics, there are degrees to which they work and lines that you can cross that make the links either "good" links or "bad" links. (Bad in this case meaning bad from Google's point of view.)

    Google will tell you that even asking for a link is "manipulation" but that's bollocks. Just don't do the super spammy stuff that worked 10 years ago but doesn't now.

    If the link would drive traffic to the client's site and they'd want that link even if it did nothing for Google rankings, then that's a good link to have. As Lynn says above - it's good PR and marketing.

    Depending on the business your client is in, there are other tactics around citation, social marketing, etc. to drive profitable traffic and allow you to expand your campaigns.

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    Lynn Terry
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    hiteshsahni Guest


    I'd suggest staying away from things like - article and website submission directories, bookmarking sites and the like. Everybody and their dog is doing these same things over and over to the extent that the relevance is lost.

    And Lynn is absolutely right. PR and media links are the most unique links you can get for our business and hence the most influential. Find influencers (popular bloggers, journalists) in your client's niche and learn and implement good outreach.

    P.S. Take this with a grain of salt. You are responsible for your results: Google has been banishing a lot of stuff for decades. While it has taken some serious steps to curb link buying, guest posting and what not, the fact remains that it can never possess to magical powers to detect such things entirely.

    I can still contact an influential blogger and pay him for a link or post without anyone knowing about it. Obviously, that shouldn't be an excuse for spammy guest posts or irrelevant link placements. But it can be pulled off with smart execution and in a way that adds value to all parties involved (client, influencer, and target audience).

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    i think guest bloging, social bookmarking and blog commenting are great way to backlink

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