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    Hello all,

    I'm trying to grab a bit of business for web design and I'm thinking of pitching a site to a restaurant and I would love a little insight.

    Their website is:

    The site overall is just terrible. That's not what I'm looking for advice on, I have an idea for the direction I want to take it.

    What I do want advice on, is the content of the site. It just seems so sparse. A quick blurb about their history is about all they have on their homepage aside for the header and a couple plugins that don't match their theme.

    So I'd love to hear any suggestions as to what kind of things could be added to a site like this.

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate any and all thoughts given!

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    I would want to see where they were featured on Food Network (maybe a link, a page to see pictures, maybe a video of their feature, etc.). A press page would be nice.

    Are they hiring? If so, how about a jobs/hiring page?

    Their catering link doesn't work but on that page they should add pictures of past catering jobs, testimonials and offerings.

    Do they have branded clothing? Maybe a shop to purchase things like hats, t-shirts, BBQ.

    An event page to share their special events like happy hours, bookings for the holidays, if they are doing anything local...

    That's about all I can think of, you could definitely spruce this up! Do you have site for your web design services?

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    Thanks for all the ideas angie! They are much appreciated as always!

    As far as my site, it's in limbo at the moment because I can't figure out a name for the business.

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    Happy to help! OK looking forward to seeing some of your work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger85 View Post
    As far as my site, it's in limbo at the moment because I can't figure out a name for the business.
    Did you figure out a business name yet?
    Lynn Terry
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