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    I have a friend in Atlanta who wants to start selling her own paintings via the internet. She has a "day job" so she has the luxury of starting slowly and doing it right.

    Do you (Lynn or any past attendees) think that the NAMS workshop would be appropriate for her to attend? I don't think she is interested in becoming an affiliate for other products or creating information products, though certainly blogging and article marketing could draw traffic to her website.

    I'd love some insight on this, so she can register today at the discount if she should go. Thanks!

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    Does she have any knowledge about internet marketing, websites, etc.? My only concern is if she has no experience whatsoever, she might be really lost. That being said, it is an awesome opportunity. I went to NAMS1 and learned so much and had only been working at it for three months prior (I pretty much knew the nuts and bolts though).

    Her best bet is to contact David Perdew via twitter or email and ask him directly. He's really accessible and helpful. David's twitter: drperdew, email form: Hope this helps.

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    Hi Anita,

    There will be a beginners group, and there will be a lot of people there that she could meet and talk to about her project. While she may not be interested in affiliate marketing - most of that is basically just good marketing anyway, which she can apply to her own business model.

    It's hard to beat for $197. Even if she just got one idea, or met one person that got her moving in the right direction, it would be well worth it to attend.
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    A little late in responding to this, but I want to chime in with an agreement on what Lynn said. There is a beginner track and NAMS3 is likely one of the best places for the your friend Anita due to the supportive environment and the fact it is not going to be a pitch fest.

    Besides the information folks will learn, they will also have a real boost on mindset.

    Hope to see everyone there. I know Lynn and I will be joined by amazing presenters and attendees.

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    Well, thanks, Kathleen! LOL After I attended NAMS2 I came home and told her about it, so she promptly signed up for NAMS3.

    You are so right about the non-pitchfest and mindset aspects of NAMS. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else again!


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