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Thread: How can I sell myself to a business?

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    Default How can I sell myself to a business?

    I apologize if this isn't the correct forum to be posting this question in, but I need some advice. I am in the interview process for a company that produces large fabric tents. I am trying to get the role of Marketing Assistant, and today they asked me if I could develop a marketing campaign selling myself to their company. I have until this coming Monday (9/21). I have never created my own marketing campaign before, but feel very confident I could do so if given some advice, and a nudge in the right direction.

    What the position entails:
    • Managing the companies social media presence
    • Creating graphics for marketing campaigns
    • Writing content for marketing campaigns

    What they want:
    • Word document selling myself to the company.
    • Focused more on bullet points, my cost, time commitment, etc.

    What I am thinking:
    • Some sort of catch phrase: "Leave your doubts out in the cold." etc
    • Small graphics around the page, possibly a graph of some kind with my "ROI".

    If anyone is interested the company website is here--->
    Thank you for any advice you are willing to share with me.
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    Hi Sean,

    I think they'll be most interested in RESULTS. Specifically what YOU can achieve for THEM, as well as WHY you would do that - and HOW. Sell yourself (and your skills/commitment) to them in the same way you would sell a Kirby vacuum cleaner. ;-) They basically want to see if you can sell THEM to their target market, and your pitch is how they will determine that.
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    I hope this went well, Sean. I wouldn't feel very comfortable if I had to promote myself this way.

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